New Ceiling Fan Install Part 2–Here We Go

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Got it all put in today over a period of about 6 hours, climbing up and down the attic ladder, hauling parts up and assembling and installing the fan but she’s up and she works.

5 thoughts on “New Ceiling Fan Install Part 2–Here We Go

  1. You know you can’t have a ceiling fan unless you hang it in a corner. You’ll be running into it since you’re so tall. Ha! Well, won’t have to pay for haircuts. The new Walmart will have bulbs won’t they? Lol

  2. The old iron hanger looks legit! 🙂 Great job putting in the new light! The reason for the thickness is, the original ceiling was probably a fiberboard (need to be careful as some of the early ones used asbestos) or could have been stucco? Which both would act as a fire break or insulation (helps keep out wind/rain). When a house starts to settle, the foundation can shift, causing the house to sag, causing the walls and / or ceiling to crack or break. A cheap and easy fix (especially if your going to sell the house is to just sheetrock the house / room, then texturize the the walls to also help hide any bowing, done…and nobody is the wieser except Bud! 🙂 ~Jack, VEG

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