NATO filter working on a Soviet GP-5

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I have found a method to get NATO STANAG filters working in a Soviet GOST thread, so NATO filters will fit a GP-5!
To do this you will need a 40mm rubber O-Ring, the O-Ring will create enough bulk in the thread housing of the GOST mask to allow a NATO filter to push against it making an air tight seal.
Remember by forcing a NATO filter onto a GOST mask you can still damage the thread.

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31 thoughts on “NATO filter working on a Soviet GP-5

  1. So, I got another GP-7 (because the first one i got didn't fit me and rubber straps being a Cyka because the USSR didn't give two shits about production in the 80s) and I'm excited. Although I got a filter with it as well, what do you think I should do with it? (As well as heavy regards there are absolutely no studies done on GP-7 filters).

  2. Can I just take the original filter that came with the mask and cut it open and take everything out (underwater of course) and then put it on?

  3. Hi weaponsandstuff93, Just wanted to say I love your content and appreciate your transparency about real world facts for gas masks and other gear, and that I just purchased 3 Polish mp5 masks on ebay because they are very cheap right now, around $35 and I got several abek and fp5 filters to go with the p100 particulate filters I already have. Thanks for the video on the mp5 in helping me choose a mask for me and my family!

  4. I am planning on buying my friends GP-5 because my father accidentally threw away mine a long time ago. Most likely not buying the filter because I do not need any asbestos filters. What is the specific NATO filter you use? (Asking because of more accured S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cosplay)
    edit: Does this same method work on the tube of the soviet gas masks?

  5. Somebody needs to make a GOST to NATO screw adapter, sure it would make the inhale valve longer, but it would really increase the GP5's international usability.

  6. Cool brothe😃😃😃 I was looking for a video like that for a long time. I love gp5 are my favorite gas mask next to the sr1. I hope you continue like this, I am a somewhat old subsciptor. Like
    Note: sorry for my English :'(

  7. Great video! Thank you! Excellent idea and a working solution from an expert! The GP-5 is truly awesome because of it's simplicity. Everyone should have one in the right size and with a good filter.

  8. I have a Scott P100 filter that threads in far enough that it seals against the existing rubber washer. It's possible other Scott filters will do the same.

  9. I saw a video where a guy literally ripped apart a nato filter’s insides out taped the filter back together so he could wear a s10 for airsoft.

  10. Hmm. Could it be, that the older German filters (KS80) have gost threads? On my GP5 the KS80 went in as easily as the original GP5 filter, without any of that grinding noise.

  11. Just what we needed, a great and informative video on frequent topics. Would be cool if you could check NATO masks compactibility with hoses…
    Actually, do NATO masks have dedicated hoses at all?

    Btw. how do you put on your GP-5 so fast without adjusting it after? I do the exact same, but my head always moves backwards and I use quite a bit of force.
    I got the right size (3y). I have a short hair (like you), and I found out that wetting it makes it easier to put on.

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