My Best Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Yet

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36 thoughts on “My Best Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Yet

  1. Thats really nice . thank you for showing how to make it.. I have. A group on Facebook called DIY CREATIONS FAN GROUP. im trying to ge other crafters join my group to help each other out if you woumd like to join

  2. These are very nicely done but like others have said when you go to the store to buy the items needed to make the project they are not there. Thanks to the person for the tip to go to Dollar Tree online to order in bulk. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Hi, I have a question for you. Do you remember the name of the show you watched that gave you the idea to make this DIY? I would love to see the original home decor. Thanks, this is so cute!

  4. Oh heavens!! Salvation Army was selling one huge stack of gold and another huge stack of forest green….these are really nice. Think I would add some second hand old fashion blingy jeweler. Love it!

  5. I like to see the finished product at the beginning of the tutorial. Also, should edit out a lot of this. Viewers dont need to see every minute.

  6. Hey there pretty lady happy holidays to you and your family when you get a chance send me your PO Box in my email I would love to send you a Christmas greeting card Happy holidays

  7. I like that you record in real time and you don’t fast forward with goofy music on the background!! I love this project! Good job!!

  8. That is really great πŸ‘ do you think if I spray paint the chargers it would still work? I’d love to know. You’re nails look very nice. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Luv ya

  9. Everytime a U Tuber has a great idea, I go to the dollar tree and there are none of the items used, I guess this was another great idea! 😁

  10. This would look great vertically also. Great job! We all learn from mistakes. So thanks for not deleting them. ✝️

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