Moses Juma (82) Jiggers and Leprosy and Poverty

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Moses suffered leprosy in 1954 and wasn’t treated until 1962 at Alupe hospital. Treatment went on from 1962-1966. He got better but never totally healed. He had lived with cut toes and deformed fingers with dried and scaled skin, and the swelling never went away till now. In recent times when he moved to Khwirale (Busia County) from Bungoma County where he was banished because of stigma, jiggers attacked him. He itched all night. His grandson, Josephat, himself a product of rape (his mother was raped when she had gone mad and he therefore doesn’t have a biological father) had been there and helped a lot with digging jiggers using thorns from sisal plants (they couldn’t afford a needle or pin). Moses’s wife had passed on ten year ago, he he’d a widower. The two stayed alone, helping each other, but the sky seemed to be falling on them. They needed someone to put a smile on their sad faces by taking jiggers away and helping them in other small ways. I was glad God had brought me into their lives.
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13 thoughts on “Moses Juma (82) Jiggers and Leprosy and Poverty

  1. This is a sad situation but God has a reason for everyone and everything that happens in each person's life, maybe God's time is now here and that is why RUS through Jim have been able to discover the life that Moses has for many lived years.

  2. Ужас грязь кругом.зато трахаться не забывают .грязь не мешает.детей куча.

  3. Oh God please help Moses, he has suffered so very much and would you Please deliver him from these horrible jigger's and from his poverty, dear Lord, let him have some peace in his life before you call him home, and help RUS get the funding they need to be able to help Moses, in Jesus Holy Name, AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!❤❤❤

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