Model S/3, Bolt EV and Ioniq efficiency test

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A big test between popular and efficient EVs.

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26 thoughts on “Model S/3, Bolt EV and Ioniq efficiency test

  1. Ioniq would probably beat the Model 3 in winter when temps are +5 down to -15C due to the heat-pump. The things that impresses me most with the Model 3 is that is has tires that are far worse for range than the Ioniq. 23545-18 vs 20555-16 at stock, TM3-tires are not true eco-tires as they are a hybrid between performance and eco (MXM4), both the larger size and different rubber compound gives a few percent higher consumption than the Ioniq which has eco-tires with a top rating in rolling resistance. It will be interessting to see the Model 3 SR RWD vs Ioniq since SR is supposed to weigh over 100 kg less than the SR RWD.

  2. Great test! When you tested Kona and E-Niro you got 190 and 206 wh/km. Are the tests almost the same so the numbers could be compared?

  3. Nice done, arranging this road trip and comparesion. You should do the math and calculate the maximum range of each care with their rating.

  4. Bjorn i think you should drive all the cars in the same style to ensure maximum accuracy. I noticed that the Model 3 you were driving basically had the best efficiency of all the Model 3 in the race and we know you are master in efficiency driving.

  5. The numbers do not make sense for P3D AWD with 18" wheel about the same efficiency as 3LR RWD at all. The miles displayed in the P3D AWD with 18" wheel must be calibrated with 20" wheel so that the miles used to calculate wh/mile is inflated. The wh/mile displayed in Tesla seem to be 13% less than actual according to this:

  6. A very interesting – not scientific – comparison, but there is an important information missing, namely the average speed of the individual cars. It is OK to set the cruise to 75 m / h, but traffic conditions can cause the average speed not to be the same for the participating cars. This should have been reported – but maybe we can get that information later. Greetings from an Ioniq EV owner.

  7. Great video, I thought Ioniq would win hehe. Also – some intelligent comments on the video, very nice to read. I guess only more intelligent people are interested in watching videos of this kind though so that explains

  8. Great video! Timely too because I am selling my RWD 2018 Model 3 (Pearl White w/Enhanced Autopilot) and made the claim in my ad that it's the most efficient Tesla ever made. Now I have evidence to support my claim :). Thanks Bjørn!

  9. The first model S came in AWD and RWD versions, and the AWD version actually seemed to have better efficiency, but this was not the case. It turns out that the AWD cars actually had a larger battery capacity even though they were both advertised as being the same.

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