Mining Bitcoin Altcoins with SOLAR POWER

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I wanted to show more on how my real solar powered Bitcoing Altcoin minning rig is setup I did a walk-thu on the setup.

21 thoughts on “Mining Bitcoin Altcoins with SOLAR POWER

  1. Good video. A penny saved is a penny earned even if it is not much.
    My mind is exploding from the knowledge you share. Lol
    I can build the heck out of a house but still have yet to grasp the math of solar.
    In good time that'll come I guess…it's going to have to. Lol
    Have a great day buddy.

  2. Around how much are you making on a sunny day? In BTC? In USD? You were getting like a cent every minute to two minutes? so what 60cents an hour? So maybe $5 a day? But if BTC skyrockets again that could equal some decent pocket change, yeah?
    Anyways, cool video man! Never gotten into the mining stuff myself, just invested in crypto. You got me thinking about it though…. money from the sun! pretty rad!
    Also, thanks so much for the charger and picks! Fun stuff! Peace

  3. I am to old for that and it seems like a waste of money for what you have to spend but then again that is just my thought. Good luck

  4. O I do all ready , I'm still in the build tiny home right now , out my other income about 500 bucks to speed lol not much though

  5. Love the way your heading! I've been mining for a year now with 2 old rigs i updated similar to yours with 4 GPU's each and they run 24/7 at work, so it doesnt cost me anything. At todays price, I have made close to $700 so far in BTC. I use nicehash and keep my wallet on a D.o.D. encrypted USB drive.

  6. Please don't get anymore GPU's this cryptocurrency craze has jacked the prices of them up because I'm trying to build a relatively good gaming PC and now I may have to wait 2 years or else pay triple the MSRP of the graphics card because sellers of GPU's are now charging 900$ for a 300$ graphics card and normally it would be cheaper to build your own pc but yet we now have some of the least said words in the gaming community ever "its more reasonable to buy pre built right now" so hopefully this crypto thing will crash forcing a majority of beginners to quite thereby forcing the gouging to end.

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