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For more than 120 years, the Hunter Fan Company has been the leader in the industry, pioneering advanced technologies to clean, circulate and condition the air in your home. From their very first water-driven ceiling fan designed in 1886, to today’s energy-efficient, cost-saving innovative designs, Hunter Fans have continued to be the premier choice for homeowners all over the world.

Hunter fans are handcrafted using the latest manufacturing techniques. Each fan is hand-inspected for flaws or imperfections in the finish. No fan is shipped before it’s tested to make sure there’s no wobbling or humming during operation and then each fan is signed off by the team that assembled it. The engineers, designers and manufacturing teams at the Hunter plant in Memphis, Tennessee take great pride in shipping nothing but the finest ceiling fans in the world.

Hunter understands that along with comfort and quality you also want a fan that compliments your décor. Each fan is created with rich finishes, exquisite designs and elegant glass treatments, in styles ranging from sleek contemporary designs to classical, and even whimsical children’s designs. You’ll find a Hunter fan to suit any room in your home.

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Ornate: Hunter’s Ornate fans provide handcrafted elegance with an Old World flair. The burnished brass or Northern Sienna finish, combined with Dark or Smoked Walnut veneers make these the ideal choice for your Victorian home.

Transitional: Sometimes you need a fan that’s just a step up from a Traditional style but not quite as elegant as the Ornate style. If that’s the case, choose the Fellini for those hard-to-fit rooms.

Traditional: Hunter offers 19 fans to choose from in their Traditional line. You’ll find Brushed Nickel, Weathered Bronze, Weathered Brick, New Bronze, Antique Black, White and other lustrous finishes and a broad selection of veneers to compliment any room in your home.

Contemporary: For todays sleek, contemporary furniture and décor you need a sleek, contemporary ceiling fan and you’ll love the designs Hunter has to offer. From the modern Eurus with its Brushed Nickel finish and 3-blade design to the unique Zoe with its rippled glass light fixture Hunter offers the largest variety of unique, contemporary ceiling fan designs in the industry.

Tropical & Casual: Need a unique ceiling fan for your lanai or Florida room? Hunter offers three unique designs in their Tropical Collection that will make you feel like you’re relaxing in Paradise.

Outdoor: Extend your summertime when you add an outdoor ceiling fan to your patio or deck. And Hunter has a broad selection to choose from.

Heritage: If you’re looking for something truly unique and awe-inspiring you’ll love Hunter’s Heritage collection, including Don Sawyer’s Fish design and Sandcastles.

What Makes Hunter Fans So Special?

Most ceiling fan manufacturers stick with a few tried and true designs and styles, the same fans they’ve been selling for years. But Hunter truly is the leader in handcrafted innovative styles and finishes. Home decorating styles have changed over the years and Hunter has changed right along with them.

Hunter is also one of the few manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty on their motors, even though there are Hunter fans out there that have been in operation for more than 80 years! When you own a Hunter fan you own a piece of history.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Motors

Each Hunter fan motor is dynamically balanced to assure the fan operates smoothly with no noise or wobbling. Motor windings are precision wound with premium quality copper wire and tested four times during the assembly process.

Hunter uses double-shielded motor bearings that last the lifetime of your fan. Sealed inside the cast motor casing the bearings will never need maintenance or oiling and guarantee your fan will operate smoothly and silently.

As an additional measure of excellence that sets Hunter apart from all the rest, each motor is tested for at least 20,000 cycles, the common failure point for other fans. All motors are checked for proper RPM’s, speeds, correct wattage and inspected for loose or missing hardware. No Hunter ceiling fan leaves the manufacturing facility without rigorous testing to ensure premium performance.

Special Features

Easy to Install: All Hunter fans are easy to install and easy-to-follow instructions are included in every box. Most Hunter fans feature their unique, “Installer’s Choice” mounting system that let’s you decide if you want to mount the fan flush with the ceiling, or at an angle, with an extension, for vaulted or cathedral ceilings.

Brass Finishes: The finishes on Hunter fans are guaranteed to remain rich, deep and beautiful for the life of the fan. The deep brass finish is a result of a repetitive buffing and grinding process that includes several plating steps. After multiple layers have been applied the finish is protected with a baked-on epoxy coating which provides a tarnish-proof, scratch-proof, and rust-resistant finish that lasts the lifetime of your fan.

Real Wood Blades: Hunter uses only premier, furniture-quality hardwood to craft each fan blade. Blades are hand-weighed and balanced to within 7 grams and matched for pitch and angle to ensure there’s no wobbling or noise and deliver maximum air movement. Each blade is then sealed to keep out moisture and prevent warping for smooth, silent operation for the lifetime of the fan.

Strongest Warranty In The Industry: With more than 100 years experience behind each of their fans, Hunter is able to offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry and you know they’re going to be around to back it up. Warranties range from 20 years to lifetime. Hunter also has over 300 licensed service centers across the U.S. Their Fan Doctors are also on hand at the Memphis location to help you over the phone at 901-745-9222.

Where To Buy Hunter Fans

Hunter ceiling fans are available at your local Lowes and Home Depot stores and at area lighting suppliers and furniture stores. To see the broadest selection though visit the Hunter Fan website or shop online at Hansen Wholesale.

To find out more about ceiling fans in general, please take the time to have a look around the rest of this website. You will find a ton of useful info that will help you save cash and find the right fan for your needs.

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  1. We love the wooden blades on our hunter fan. We had another with metal ones and they made too much noise when the fan was on high. My brother-in-law and me put up the fan using a video in their customer service section. It was very convenient and to be honest much easier seeing someone else doing it step by step. Really happy with this company.:)

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