How To Wire Ceiling Fan With Light Switch

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How To Wire Ceiling Fan With Light switch
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17 thoughts on “How To Wire Ceiling Fan With Light Switch

  1. Jesus Christ I can't speed read…DAMN IT
    this thing zoomed by so quickly for a DIY-er , and I don't have a printer like someone else did so even though the information was great…, I couldn't even watch it multiple times and get the [email protected]#$/%×… it was just way too fast… what the hell man.. and instead of some funky music I WANT you TALK!!!
    and explain stuff. what the hell….
    I couldn't even finish the sentence before it went on to the next step.. God man….. terrible video

  2. The problem I have is there are two switches and the wires are red, white and black but from the fan I only have 2wires a white and a black how do I hook this up so 1 switch works the fan and 1 switch works the light?

  3. Loved this tutorial. I was so confident I wired the switches put the face plate on wired the fan and light and put all the covers on, turned the breaker on and everything was just right. Thank you and I’ll be watching!

  4. My Harbor Breeze fan had the same wire colors so the process was strictly time consuming being this was my first attempt. Amazing how you simplified above & beyond any instructional videos you are amazing artist. Thank you very, very, much for making my day a great one! Oh, one more thing….pull the fan string "On" & that will solve any problems thinking you have an open wire. Haha, even I can laugh at myself.

  5. Thank you so much! I didn't even watch the video, just printed a copy of the diagram out and installed my two switches. Fan and light work great.

  6. The question is if you already have a home, how do you tell which wire on a switch leads to the power source, and how do you run the wire inside the walls and ceiling all the way to where you need?

  7. I'm desperate! Can I wire dimmer switches from two different walls, to a ceiling fan light ? Do I need a separate switch with power for the fan?

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