How To Spruce Up A Tired Ceiling Fan

If you’ve ever watched those home makeover shows then you know the designers always cringe when they walk in the door and see  Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.  The first thing they do is rip it right out.  But they don’t have to live in that stuffy room when they’re done, do they?  If you love your ceiling fans like we do here are some rejuvenating tips those snooty designers should have thought of.

Where To Start

In most cases it’s very easy to remove the blades.  They’re designed that way intentionally in case you ever need to replace them.  It’s usually just a matter of removing one or two screws on the top of each blade.  Make sure they’re good and tight to prevent wobbling when you put the blades back up.

Always be careful not to bend the blades, and add as little additional weight as possible or you might cause them to become unbalanced.  Heavy fabrics or embellishments will also cause the motor to have to work harder which may affect the life of your fan and the operating cost.

Before you paint or cover the blades always give them a good cleaning to remove dust and grime.  If not, you’ll have a big mess when you paint and after it dries it will crack and chip.  Fabrics and adhesives won’t stick, either, if the blade is dirty of grimey.

Paint The Blades

If your blades have a high-gloss finish you’ll want to give them a quick once over with some sand paper before you paint, too.  Just enough to remove the shine.  Otherwise, the paint will crack and chip once it dries.

Once you’ve prepared the blades, which should really only take a few minutes, it’s time to paint.  Almost any type of paint will do.  Leftover paint from when you remodeled the living room?  Go ahead and use it.  Are you a budding artist?  Use your oils or craft paints?  Just be sure you’ve prepared the surface before you begin.

Cover The Blades

If you have leftover scraps of light weight fabric you can use a spray adhesive to cover your ceiling fan blades.  Or perhaps you’ve found a pretty pattern of contact paper or wall paper.  Again, just be careful to prepare the surface of the blades first.

When covering your blades you’ll want to use enough fabric or paper to come up over the edges and wrap onto the underside.  (The side next to the ceiling.)  Remember, those blades are constantly in motion and the air can get up under loose edges and ruin all your hard work.

Paint The Housing

Why spend money on a brand new fan when all yours needs is a fresh coat of paint?  You’ll find spray paint in a wide variety of colors and finishes these days, everything from antique brass to marble or stone.  Again, clean and degrease the surface before you paint.  And allow plenty of time for drying.

If you have the time and skills then by all means remove your fan from the ceiling before you paint.  If not, carefully tape newspaper or a canvas drop cloth right to the ceiling and have at it.

Change The Shades

Maybe all you really need is a simple change of shades on the light fixture.  Cruise your local department stores and look at some of the new globes or box shades for an updated look.

No home should ever be without ceiling fans.  They’re a practical, money-saving solution and those designers just don’t have enough imagination to make them work in their designs.  But you do, right?  So get busy.  Don’t tear out your ceiling fans.  Give them a makeover!

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