How To Install A Wireless Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

You have a remote controller for the television, the sound system and the lights, why not one for your ceiling fan? 

You’re not going to believe how easy they are to install. 

Then, you can use a remote control to turn the fan on and off, control the speed, and even dim the lights.  Ready?  Let’s go!

You Have Two Choices

Well, you actually have more than two choices because there are several different manufacturers, but you have two main choices:  You can buy a fan that has a built-in remote control or you can buy a remote control kit and add it to your fan.

(Hint:  If you buy a fan that has a built-in remote control and something goes wrong with the remote, you’ll have to either live with it or replace the whole fan.  If you just install a kit and something goes wrong with it, you just replace the kit.  It’s a much easier, much cheaper solution.)

How To Install The Kit

Turn off the power to the ceiling fan and put a piece of tape over the switch so no one accidentally turns it back on when you’re up there working on the wiring. The last thing you want is an electric shock while you are up on top of a step ladder!

You’re not going to have to remove and reinstall the fan, so don’t worry.

Remove a few screws and lower the canopy or medallion that surrounds the fan and attaches to the ceiling.  Just let it slide down the downrod or adapter and rest on the motor housing.

Use a voltage tester to make sure the power is indeed off so you know its safe to work on.  Locate the black wire that runs from the box in the ceiling.  It will have one wire from the fan attached to it, and another wire from the light fixture.  (If you have one.)  Disconnect these wires and disconnect the white wires.

Your remote control transmitter will have a black and a white wire on one side, and a blue, a white, and a red wire on the other, along with a ground wire.

Connect the ground wire to the ground wire in the junction box first.

Connect the black and the white wires from the transmitter to the black and the white wires coming from the ceiling.  Connect black to black, and white to white.

Connect the white wire (from the red, white and blue side) from the transmitter to the white wire coming from the ceiling fan.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions, but generally the blue transmitter wire controls the lights and the red controls the fan.  If that’s the case, connect the blue transmitter wire to the blue ceiling fan wire.  Connect the red transmitter wire to the black ceiling fan wire.

Use wire nuts or black electrical tape to securely cover all the wire connections.

Carefully push all the wires back into the junction box, along with the transmitter.  It might seem a little impossible but if you’re careful you can make it all fit.  You just need to allow enough room to reposition the canopy or medallion.

Once you have everything position, tighten all the screws and you’re done.

Now all you need to do is put some batteries in your remote, relax in your recliner, turn that ceiling fan on and enjoy the cool breeze.

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