How To fix air conditioning on a Toyota Prius or similar

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Toyota Prius takes different freon as it is not a mechanical
compressor but an electric compressor.

This video shows you where to add the freon.
Make sure the freon is Toyota approved for a Prius.

If you have a Toyota that is not an EV or Hybrid, you are good to go
to add any R134A from or similar.

9 thoughts on “How To fix air conditioning on a Toyota Prius or similar

  1. I have 2008 toyota prius, and the ac is not cold. I tried to recharge but after 2 days its hot again. Help please!

  2. Toyota Prius takes EXACTLY THE SAME "freon" as other vehicles ("Freon" historically refers to R-12, R-13B1, R-22, R-502, and R-503). It takes R-134a. What is different is the OIL in the system (the "compressor oil"). It takes ND-11 or compatible oil. This ester based oil has 10 megaohms MINIMUM electrical resistance. PAG oils used in "normal" R-134a systems are much more conductive. Addition of PAG oil or other "conductive" additives can destroy the A/C compressor.

    You can use ANY PURE R-134a product to refill the Prius A/C. ensure there are NO OILS, SEALANTS, DYES OR ANY OTHER ADDITIVES. My favorite is the 12 oz can of SuperTech R-134a at Walmart for $4.88.

  3. Does the Prius need a Special R134 Freon?
    Since the compressor is Electric?
    Another video says that Prius needs nd 11 noon conductive oil?

  4. I wonder what is wrong with my Prius? I have the same model as this video but the AC stops going to my face and goes to the windshield instead. Happens every few minutes.

  5. Hell how u doing sir thx for the video. . I have a Prius 2005 the Ac blower fan its not working I took out the motor an i checked it out its working fine. An the weir contacted well no feus burn an still not working don't know what's going on needs ur help pls. .

  6. good info. you said to check first the sensor and O rings but showed them in passing, could not see what sensor exactly… please show in detail

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