How do they build in Switzerland? Residential, Commercial, and a Barn!

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The Build Show is in Switzerland for a Siga conference but we got a chance to see some job sites before the event begins. In this episode, Matt & Jordan visit a Residential job site to see how Swiss builders do things. They review Swiss methods of framing, insulation, and see what’s different about windows here. Next, they travel to a Commercial job to see a 7 story condominium project, and finally they venture to the countryside to a working farm to see an 1800’s farmhouse that has a new & beautiful framing structure. This is an episode you don’t want to miss! Huge thanks to Siga for hosting us.
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Huge thanks to our Show sponsors USG/Tremco, Polywall, Huber, Dorken Delta, Prosoco, Rockwool & Endura for helping to make these videos possible! These are all trusted companies that Matt has worked with for years and trusts their products in the homes he builds.

25 thoughts on “How do they build in Switzerland? Residential, Commercial, and a Barn!

  1. In the US buildings are designed to last about 50 years, in Switzerland they are designed to last over 100 years or much more. You never see a 20 year old building being torn down. Another thing is that job-sites are very clean with no stuff laying around, if then get a load of sand or gravel there will be a tarp laid under it or they will have a bin to put it in.

  2. Would love to see you travel to other places across the world to see things like this. Always amazing to see how people come up with different solutions to making a home.

  3. I'm surprised you guys are so surprised with the windows and doors. All those are pretty standard in Europe… And the thing is, they cost less or as much as a low end door from Lowe's… The system is exactly the same. Lever down locks the doors/windows… Lever horizontal is open… Lever pointing up, it makes the window/door tilt on the lower axis. We call it oscillo-basculant windows…something like this costs about 450-750$ depending where you have it made.

    Its funny to see you guys thinking this is super new high end… I've had these in our house 20 years ago at least

  4. The build show has arrived!!!! Finally, this is what I had always imagined the Build show would be!! great video you guys!!! very cool editing and shots!

  5. It seems like siga was only showing you guys to the very best job sites around, which is cool, but I’d be interested in seeing how the average houses are built

  6. First, don't know why dislike the video. What's not to like about it. Second, you guys should check LLuminare Windows & Doors in Alpharetta GA. They import European windows and doors and their doors open and lock and tilt the same way as well, along with accordion patio doors.

  7. Very cool. Working in construction myself, its always neat to see how other countries build! Great vid. Germany next? Visit festool, senco or mafell factories as well???😃

  8. Love your channel and this video was especially interesting to me as my ancestors/relatives are from Switzerland. I lived in Germany for 9 years as well and gained an appreciation for their building standards.

  9. Also, we Americans in Switzerland joke that the construction crane is the national bird of Switzerland, because they’re **everywhere**! 🏗

  10. lol those wires are HIGH voltage! everything is 240 volts! they are thin wires because we dont need as many amps as in the US. 7-10 amps per circuit, so, the diameter of the wires does not need to be as much as in the US … its probably equivalent to 20-24 AWG

  11. Super thumbs up! Ted Benson… farmhouse in Concord, MA… I saw those episodes too! I just remembered one of your show where you met Tom Silva… you stumbled on the other guy's name… Norm Abram, I presumed…

  12. The US is so much behind in terms of these things. By the way, I just got a quote for a trendy set of stairs, modern looking floating stairs – similar to the video where Matt got a lot of comments on how expensive it was …13k + labour… well, the same type of stairs I just got quote for the steel, installation, materials, etc … 2900 euros including labour!

    Also, for 3 axis- tilt windows, with 4 point locking system, argon filled, 1 unit 2.9 meters by 1.95 mts, and 4 units 80cm x 1.95 mts … 2400 euros with installation

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