8 thoughts on “Grow Tent – Passive Outtake Air Vs. Aggressive Air Flow | How To Exhaust Grow Tent Veting Grow Box

  1. Any tips on how to vent/heat my two separate 5×5's ?….I'm having issues keeping a constant temperature during lights off.

  2. Whenever I put my charcoal filter in front of a air-cooled light I end up with charcoal remains all over the glass panel on the bottom which is very much a pain in the ass to clean all that crap out time and time again because every time you turn the fan on it sucks all that crap through and I'm using fresh filters for both intake and exhaust but it's the exhaust charcoal filter that gives me the problem.

  3. I installed a similar fan and filter setup in a small litter box enclosure. I'm exhausting out of the filter so I removed the cloth prefilter and cut it up to place over the intake vent.

    Do you think I should have left the cloth prefilter on the filter? I'm not getting very much airflow, I can't really feel much air coming out of the filter's holes.

  4. I think the filter should always be inside the tent/room to pull the air through the filter and pre filter not out through the filter

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