Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review (plus Nomad 20 Solar Panels!)

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Goal Zero Nomad 20 review – (

Solar Panels are cool, but when paired with an item like the Goal Zero Yeti 150 that can store that energy for use later – it makes the whole system even cooler and more functional. Solar generators are basically big batteries that you can plug your devices into. This is one of the smaller ones on the market, which gives it some advantages for portability, but also means it doesn’t have as much juice as some larger devices.

Paird with the Goal Zero Nomad 20, this is a sweet package.

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Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator:
Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel:

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38 thoughts on “Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review (plus Nomad 20 Solar Panels!)

  1. would this work if i took it on a 1 week maine trip to charge my phone, speakers, and other peoples phone? i am also looking at buying a dji mavic pro would i be able to charge it also?

  2. good video about the battery. i might consider to buy one. thanks for showing the features. by the way i like your beanie and where did u get that from?

  3. I saw some of these Goal Zero devices at Costco they even had a large one that would replace a home generator. The cool thing is it's quiet. I had a friend in NJ who had his electric generator stolen during Katrina and this doesn't scream I have something to steal.

  4. I love power related stuff like this, have you looked at stuff like the NOCO Genius Boost jump starters? They are really cool (Although they also lie about their output… But they are the best of the bunch)

  5. yes awesome, just waiting on your environmentally safe gun cleaning oil and grease. I like corrosion X oil and the lubriplate grease. thought you were using fire clean at one time.

  6. Over the years I've really had nothing but bad experiences with Goal Zero. Not trying to kill your vibe but figured everyone would appreciate my perspective.

    I've owned GZ solar panels, battery packs, and other accessories(purchased and received as gifts). With the two battery packs I've owned, they both failed and refused to hold a charge after a couple months of use. The three solar panels I've had, under direct sunlight, charged my phone so incredibly slow that it wasn't even worth it.

    I've since switched to Anker brand products. I haven't used their solar panels yet, but if it's production is anywhere close to the standards of their battery packs than I'm sure it will be much better than GZ. I've left Anker battery packs charged in my cold Jeep for weeks, come back to them still fully charged and ready to go. For how cheap they are($15 for 2500mah, which would cost twice that and less capacity by GZ), in relation to GZ's over blow price tags, I'd go with them any day.

    Perhaps my experience is localized, and maybe others have had differing experiences. However, for me, as soon as GZ products started failing, I know I needed to trying something else. Battery packs and solar panels are very important pieces of gear, and one day you might be relying on it to keep life saving equipment up and running.

    **not an Anker rep. I'm an adventure photographer and overlander. @bradleycastaneda on IG. Cheers!

  7. I'm not a fan of GoalZero. Bought one of there smaller Panels for my 6 month long walking trip and I never, ever saw it working and it seemed to not function at all out of my pack. Fiddled with it quite a bit and researched but it just never worked.

  8. Pretty off topic, but what do you think about the new mac book pros not having a USB port, SD card slot, or mag safe charger? Do you think you will continue using a mac pro when its time to buy a new one??

  9. Great breakdown, I've been interested in these for car camping too, especially something a little bigger that can eliminate a small generator. Looking forward to the TRL6 as I've been looking at adding that to my 9mm Shield, which I just bought a 10 round Hyve technologies magazine that should be arriving early next week.

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