Get More Enjoyment From Your Deck Or Patio When You Add An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

There’s just something incredibly relaxing about sitting back in a rocking chair on the front porch on a lazy summer afternoon.  You have a tall glass filled with ice cold home made lemonade, the birds are singing and the sweet aroma of Magnolias drifts across the porch in the breeze.  Or not!!!  If you’ve ever spent a summer south of the Mason Dixon line then you know there’s no such thing as a breeze in July and August.  Unless, of course, you have a ceiling fan on your porch.  Then you can sit out there in comfort, all summer long relaxing and enjoying your view.

A ceiling fan on the front porch?  Sounds a little iffy, right?  You wouldn’t think of putting one of those floor fans on your porch.  It runs on electricity.  If it gets wet you might get quite a shock or an unwanted fireworks display!  But a ceiling fan, now that’s another story.  If you get the right kind of ceiling fan, one that’s made for outdoor use, you can enjoy your porch, deck or patio all summer long.  Here’s what you need to look for.


Damp rated ceiling fans

Damp rated fans are ideal for use indoors or out, as long as they’re under cover.  They’re great for covered porches, patios and decks, and they’re especially nice for bathrooms.  The motors and blades are sealed so everything will hold up under high humidity and a small amount of moisture.  However, they can’t be exposed directly to the elements like rain or snow.


Wet rated ceiling fans

We rated ceiling fans are suitable for use anywhere outside and can be completely exposed to the elements, so they’re ideal for open decks and pergolas.  As a bonus, they’re very easy to clean.  Because they’re weather resistant you can just hose them down.  When installing an outdoor fan, if your budget permits, a wet rated fan is always your best option for durability and ease of cleaning.

The folks at suggest that you look at the outside décor of your home when choosing your outdoor ceiling fan.  Consider the colors of your home, the type of hardware and the shape of the windows and doors and then try to choose a fan with similar characteristics.  You should also choose a fan that’s proportional to the size of the space, similar to the way you’d choose a fan for inside your home.

When choosing an outdoor fan it’s important to consider both the blades and the motor.  Look for blades made of plastic or laminated wood that’s specially sealed to protect against warping and mold.  Look for a solid motor housing that has rubber gaskets to keep moisture out and prevent rust.  Outdoor fans will be subject to a lot more environmental challenges so its important to do your research and get one that is up for the job!

Be sure to check the motor bearings, too.  Most motors today are manufactured with the ball bearings sealed inside so you never have to worry about oiling or maintenance, but it never hurts to check before you buy.

Due to the down turn in the economy many homeowners are hanging onto their homes longer these days, choosing to make improvements rather than pack up and move.  Decks and patios are two of the most popular additions but if hotter climes they are only comfortable for a few short months out of the year.  You’ve extended your living space, and with an outdoor ceiling fan you can extend your enjoyment, too making the investment in your home much more valuable.

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