Farmhouse Valentine’s Decor Home Tour 2019/Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! I hope y’all get a few ideas from this video, and don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and/or Facebook page to learn more about how to enter in for a chance to win those fun surprises! Love y’all!! :)H

23 thoughts on “Farmhouse Valentine’s Decor Home Tour 2019/Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. I love to. Move my living room around too. I love yours the way it is now but I liked the other way too. God Bless you and your family Maxine Ok.

  2. I just found your channel and had to subscribe. Love your decor,its nice to see a home tour that is not a cookie cutter of everyone else. I also love the greenery you cut yourself.

  3. Your home is just darling Holly. You did an amazing job in decorating not just for V day but through out the year. Love all the touches of red and I love how open your living room looks now with the new arrangement. I love how you decorate with all natural sprigs, it brings such warmth and cozy pops of green here and there. Great video. Will be watching it again and again!!! lol

  4. I pick up costume jewelry instead of crystals to drape in my chandeliers. Save your coins, girl, and find you a couple long necklaces!

  5. I πŸ’“ Valentine's Day. Pops of red and greenery throughout. I don't have many decorations for this holiday… however, I was inspired to take me wired red-berries wreath and bent it in the shape of a πŸ’“…lol…guess what? …My husband noticed it! Now I'm on the hunt for more hearts. Thank you so much Holly…I look forward to all of your videos. "Heartwarming"

  6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I am gonna' try to emulate some of your ideas which are ADORABLE. Thanks for sharing

  7. Loving the new living room layout! So open and makes the room appear larger. Gorgeous home and ty for sharing your Valentine’s decor with us. 😘

  8. Adorable! So many cute ideas. I love the new furniture arrangement. Where did you purchase your sectional? I hope your friend is going to share her house as well.

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