Fan Safety Tips To Protect Your Children

Children are curious little creatures, filled with boundless energy and a some times unhealthy lack of awareness when it comes to risk and danger.  In the blink of an eye they can go from zero to sixty and before you know it they’re in the danger zone.  Here are some fan safety tips to help keep your children safe when there’s a fan in the room.

Location, location, location

Always pay attention to where you’re placing a fan.  Don’t just set it on a table or in front of the door and assume your children are going to ignore it.  They won’t.  That spinning blade is an attraction they might not be able to resist.  Place portable fans up high, well out of their reach and make sure there’s nothing they can climb to get to the fan.

Make sure there’s at least 3 to 4 feet between the tip of the ceiling fan blades and the edge of your child’s bed and dresser so if he’s tempted to jump on his bed or climb he won’t reach the fan.  This is especially important if your child has bunk beds.

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Fan guards

Buy oscillating fans and box fans that have a fine mesh fan guard or grill that will keep out small fingers and smaller objects.  If necessary, purchase a piece of screening from your local hardware store.

Electrical cords

Always cover electrical cords or tuck them out of site and never string an extension cord across a room to plug in a fan.  At the very least it creates a tripping hazard which may result in your child pulling the fan over onto himself.

Ceiling fans

Install ceiling fans at least 7 feet from the floor and away from desks, dressers, beds or any other types of furniture that your young children might use to reach them.  Make sure all blades are properly installed and the fan is securely mounted following the manufacturers instructions.

Don’t make the danger more inviting

Don’t pin playing cards to the blades to act as noise makers and don’t teach your children how to put their face in front of the fan and make silly noises.  Never turn a fan into a plaything.  Never decorate a fan with streamers or balloons to entertain your children.  This makes that spinning blade even more attractive. If your kids think a fan is a toy they will play with it when you aren’t there, and that’s when the accidents are likely to happen.

Even more important, never, ever hang streamers, ropes, scarves or any other items from a ceiling fan.  Children can easily become entangled in these items as they spin around the room.  It’s also just too tempting for your child to try to climb up there and decorate the fan himself – which presents an even greater danger of strangulation.

Talk to your kids

Talk to your children and frequently remind them of the dangers of playing around any fan.  And don’t assume they’re going to ignore that ceiling fan.  It may be even more attractive than that box fan you have in the window because there’s no guard over the blades and it looks like something it might be fun to swing on.

Don’t assume anything when it comes to the safety of your children when there’s a fan in the room.  Talk to your children to make sure they understand the danger, take the necessary precautions,  and never leave young children unattended when the fan’s on.

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