Expensive or Economical, Modern Ceiling Fans Can Make or Break the Design Element in Any Decor

Today’s ceiling fans are much more modern and stylish than they were fifty years ago. Instead of being functional additions to a room, they are now often considered contemporary design statements. Even homes with air conditioning still use ceiling fans for aesthetic purposes alone. Fans add ambiance to any room and come in such a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that they have become the finishing touches in both luxury homes and the less expensive homes. Coupled with fancy Swarovski crystals, pretty chain pullers, and gorgeous light fixtures, modern ceiling fans are both a pleasure to view and use.

Nowadays, due to the vast selection of ceiling fans, it means that the prices are both more affordable and more varied. With so many designs available, you will easily find an inexpensive fan for under forty dollars, or if you have an elegant foyer that requires something spectacular, you might choose a ceiling fan in the twenty-thousand dollar range. So where prices used to be fairly standard, now, they are as diverse as the designs themselves. And this point alone makes it much easier for you to choose the best ceiling fan for your cottage, home, garage or office.

One of the trends in home decor for 2013 is the warm earth tone color palette such as beige, blue and even deep green. Choosing a ceiling fan for any of these hues is not a difficult process, as you can easily color coordinate any room. For example, with beige walls, a fan with deep red blades will definitely add the wow factor to the room. If you are looking for something funky, you can pair up blue and green adding splash to a dark area that has no natural light source. Indeed, the more modern ceiling fans lend themselves well to the newest color schemes.

Another consideration when choosing a fan is energy efficiency. Having a ceiling fan means that you save on electricity costs. Many people with central air turn on their fans at the same time in an attempt to keep the air cooler, and so that the air conditioner does not kick in as often. In fact, most of the ceiling fans manufactured today use less power than air conditioners, so if you find the right balance, you can keep your energy bills down and make the installation costs of a ceiling fan well worth it in the long run.

The same is true in the winter with your heating expenses. Warm air rises, so the ceiling fan will send the warm air down to where you want it. Using a ceiling fan in the winter and summer months provides for better air circulation. This type of fan is called bi-directional because it moves in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction for maximum efficiency.

A light fixture is also part of the ceiling fan selection. For instance, will you only require one large light, or does the room warrant a fan with five light bulbs? The bigger the room, the more light bulbs you need. A smaller room looks better with one large glass covering. While many Western countries have mandated energy efficient light bulbs, you do want to check the fan specifications before purchasing to ensure that it is compliant and suits your needs.

Additionally, you want your ceiling fan to have substance in the room, so it does not wilt in the background, but at the same time, is not so large that it overwhelms the room. Likewise, the number and size of the blades will be important. Depending on the room where you plan to use the fan, you may need something very compact or something much larger.

While installation should ideally be completed by a qualified electrician, you also need to know whether or not more than one person is required to install and hang the fan. Obviously, an elaborate crystal chandelier-type modern ceiling fan needs several people and special equipment to hold everything while the proper placement is being made. The more people needed to complete the job, the more expensive your fan becomes. Be aware of the installation costs when choosing, as you most likely prefer to stay within your budget.

Finally, modern ceiling fans come with many bells and whistles. This is great if you need a remote control or want to use a special dial on the wall instead of the chain hangers on the fan itself. But remember that all these extras do cost money and there is the potential for more things to go wrong down the road. When choosing your fan, be sure to weigh the costs against the advantages of having the extra features.

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