Energy saving tips: Energy vampires and phantom power loads

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Energy saving tips: Energy vampires and phantom power loads

Did you know your cell phone charger could be costing you money even when you’re not using it? Patty Kim, from National Geographic’s The Green Guide, shows you how to save money and save energy by pulling the plug on phantom loads and energy vampires.

29 thoughts on “Energy saving tips: Energy vampires and phantom power loads

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  2. I bought a watt meter and put this to the test. Don't worry about unplugging things around your house. These devices draw very little if any power when not in use.

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  5. It is suppose to be vampire load or phantom load. But what people don't understand is not the wattage, its the time.

  6. Technological solutions are out there!

    With out a power source –
    – my XM reciever, PC and cellphone retain sets
    – my cable TV and internet set are saved at 'uplink' end
    – 6 AV devices, 3 clocks (not the one with battery backup, if charged) need resetting
    – Auto stereo losses presets.

    Depending on the situation, a battery, solar strip, solid state memory or remote memory would be the solution.

  7. Kill the power and you will lose all your settings. TVs and such, should incorporate solid state memmory (like a memmory stick) or a battery for active memmory.
    Unplugging is too inconvient, and most people just won't do it.

  8. First of all… 'voltage vampire' doesn't make any sense as the grid voltage should b constant, 'current vampire' on the other hand, WOULD make sense.
    Second… newer TVs and monitors consume under 1W of power in standby as opposed to active mode which is negligible.
    Third… don't "swing" the plugs as you unplug them, pull them out straight.
    Fourth… European clocks last 2-3 years on a single AA battery.
    And finally… how the hell would short circuiting the electronics save you any money!?

  9. @SaveDurban Is it using extra load? Of course it is, but it is not going to cause the electrical grid to crash. The "peak hours" is just a way to make more money.

  10. @gailgrove But things are all turned on at the same time daily,6-8am , 4-7pm the grid doesnt save power.???? its using extra load at those times please explain your thesis on that !

  11. So things still use power when they're turned off? I think you're confusing something being OFF with something being on standby. They two are not the same.
    For example, the only way a cellphone charger can be turned off is by using the mains switch on the socket, or unplugging it. Clearly it won't be using power in this instance.

  12. @graywackeknifebdr A magnet motor will just slow up as soon as you try and put any load on it. This is because any permanent magnet has a vector conservative field. The repulsion of one magnet won't be able to provide enough energy to overcome the attraction of another and have enough energy left over to link to a generator. As far as free energy, solar and wind are the best bet.

  13. @tariqqurashi786 Peak KW hours are a pile of made up crap, there is NO strain on the electrical grid during those times.

  14. An idea to have Hot Water on demand is a Tankless water heater. When replacing a standard hot water heater, a tankless will save a lot on energy and gas usage! Our bill is 35% lower in summer and we save even more in winter! Payback period is usually 18 months or less. In addition, it is a great selling feature when it comes time to sell your home.

  15. One thing that she doesn' t say is that If we all did this we could reduce Peak KW hours by "unplugging" items using power bars or switches.

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