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Electrostatic Filter For Hold The Smoke
It’s time to get rid of unwanted smells and oil smoke that risks the employee’s health and the environment. It is used in all kinds of places to filter smoke and smell, effectively filters oil, smoke, dust and smell, prevents oil from accumulating in your ducts and chimneys, saves you from unwanted smoke and smell, makes you work without harming the environment, reduces fire risk, reduces operation costs, accords with the technical terms required by the official institutions.
Active electrostatic filters can also be used in all kinds of areas where smoke and smell are unwelcome such as air pollution causing smoking rooms and cafeterias along with all industrial areas, laboratories, food production areas and dining halls. Active electrostatic filters are 99% effective on filtering food and industrial smoke. Electrostatic filters also can be Installed easily on your current systems.
Our filters and plants have the certificates of TM, TSE-HYB, CE, ISO 9001:2008, SSB. Designed by the intensive work of our professional engineers, our electrostatic filters and electrostatic filtered air cleaning plants are manufactured with the CNC machines of our company in our factory located in Istanbul by our manufacturing crew with 100% domestic capital.
Alp active electrostatic filters are also quite effective on filtering weld and oil steam occurred in industrial facilities along with restraining cooking smoke and smell. In our electrostatic filters, 0,3% micron and bigger particles are filtered up to 99% and apparent smoke is completely separated from air. Moreover, annoying smells are prevented by active carbon filters or extra filters with ozone.
We can also manufacture an ecology unit as electrostatic filtered and we can make it possible for you to build kitchen ventilation systems without a chimney or preventing smell and smoke coming out of your production facility in a level of keeping environment safe. After you confirmed the detailed quote of the air cleaning plants which is calculated based on your needs in order to offer a solution for your smoke and smell problems and to have an effective outcome, the designed system is manufactured in our factory located in Istanbul.
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