DIY Shop Air Filter

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Its time for some cleaner air in the shop. I’m using a small furnace blower as the base. It get enclosed with some plywood to house the motor and filter. It works great and moves quite a lot of air.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Shop Air Filter

  1. Isn't the filter the focus point…as it needs changed often? Build around that is what i'm thinking. I've been holding onto a ventilation fan for this project myself and this is just my though process.
    Great approach…i appreciate the video.

  2. This project just sucks…then it blows… like you weren't expecting someone to post like that in the comments… lol Nice project. It beats my square box fan with two filters wire tied to it. Thanks for the video, Jeff! Thumbs up for sure.

  3. Nice job well done I started to laugh you reminded me the way I am myself with the on and off switch cover I'm the same way great job. question can you please tell me what kind of Jigsaw you use the brand and the model number please thank you keep up the good work I enjoy your videos

  4. good video Jeff. I have been following along on Instagram with this build and was curious how it was going to turn out. Great job and you have inspired me to do a very similar build.

  5. Great idea great video thanks for posting this. I would think it works so good you will be changing the filter regularly. Might have been better with a readily available (read as cheap) filter.

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