DIY Cabin Air Filter Replacement – C7 Corvette

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Change out the dirty cabin air filter in your C7 Corvette and avoid paying the dealer fee!!! I change yearly since its easy to do and cheap to buy!
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11 thoughts on “DIY Cabin Air Filter Replacement – C7 Corvette

  1. Decent video. I didn’t remove the oil lines on my Z51 but I’ve got long thin hands. I do recommend gloves as there is some sharp plastic in there. Due to the accordion like nature of the filter you can compress it a bit before pushing it in and then like a spring it will pop back to fill the space. A small LED flashlight helps to see in there, as the black clips are nearly invisible. I also wiped out the plastic box before putting it back and found just some general dirt / dust on the surface. I got a WIX #24480 from RockAuto as a replacement @ 22,000 miles. Thanks for the info, easy DYI 10 min project.

  2. Car guy: how difficult is it to remove and replace the C7 cover on top of engine with a painted version? Can the small "Stingray" emblem on the console just in front of the gearshift be removed without breaking it?

  3. How do you know if the filter is crushed or not? I noticed the old one had some crushed areas about 2/3 of the way back. I replaced the filter in my old C6 and had issues like that. In other words once it's in you have no idea if it's really seated properly.

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