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  1. Soo? what is the real difference??? I'v both and  I'v learned that monocrystaline gives stable output and temperature doesn't matter that much.The polycrystalline works fine ONLY if they have solar noon sunlight,no clouds and temperature is huge factor !! Once they get hot,they give barely half output !!! If you have misting system installed and constantly water cool polycrystalline panels,you will be happy,but little clouds goes by and they are doomed…So out of these 2 is the monocrystalline  way to go.That's why poly. are so cheap right now.. vs. mono. In my opinion,if you have big space or land,use amorphous panels,these are the best and works during overcast days much better than these 2 above..My first panels 6 years ago were amorphous and they still holds the best,doesn't seem to degrade.The problem is space,you need twice more space to get the needed output,but they work in low light a very stable output vs. poly.Mono's are good too,but significantly price per watt difference vs. amorphous..

  2. What are side-by-side output efficiencies and the cost per/watt for both?  Without this most significant data this analysis is incomplete.

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