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Hi guys! Today I’m taking down the last of the Christmas decor and giving my messy kitchen a good scrubbing. I’m also putting up some new farmhouse style decor. I hope you enjoy this video and I thank you so much for watching! XOXO

Farmhouse jar labels:

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  1. Everything looks great! I really like those jar labels, thanks for showing them and providing the link 🙂 I've been just labeling my jars and OXO containers with my old Dymo labeler, it works great, but is not nearly as cute! Happy New Year! Have a wonderful and blessed day —Stacy 😍💚

  2. Why don't you have a toe kick under your cabinets? Was your kitchen designed for a really height challenged like me? The decor is really cute.

  3. G'day from Australia! Just gorgeous and beautifully decorated! Just wondering, how do you use your dishwasher? Thinking about doing the same with my dishwasher as I'm in a rental! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  4. this is the first time I've seen one of your videos. Your kitchen is small but really really cute. I need to decorate my kitchen but it's smaller than a postage stamp so I only have absolute necessary stuff in it. I look forward to watching more of your videos as I subscribed and clicked on the bell for notifications.

  5. Life just gets in the way sometimes! You did great! You really worked hard I had to LOL when you kept moving stuff around then changing it again,its so me!

  6. Great video! I really needed this cleaning inspiration today! Love all the decor. Happy New year to you and your family, many blessings to you all in 2019.

  7. Loved seeing how you used your items from your Hobby Lobby Haul! Your kitchen looks super cute! Great job!

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