Ceiling Fan Manufacturers – Popular Brands

Once you start shopping for a fan, you’ll probably be surprised to see just how many ceiling fan manufacturers, different brands, sizes and styles there are on the shelves.

You’ll also notice they’re everywhere – at the big box stores, the home improvement centers, hardware stores, even your neighborhood five-and-dime. You’ll see a wide range of prices, too – from $20 to $400, or more. With all that variety to choose from, and such a broad range of prices, how do you know where to start? Continue reading

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Just mention the name, Casablanca, and it immediately brings to mind images of timeless old-word elegance, and one of the things the Casablanca Fan Company is best known for is their distinctive decorative designs. Created with an eye toward quality and an attention to detail, Casablanca fans have a legendary reputation for excellence.

The Casablanca Fan Company was created in 1974 by Burton A. Burton, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit, who quickly saw the potential for growth in the ceiling fan industry. With the nation suffering in the midst of an energy crisis, Burton used unique marketing and promotion techniques to show consumers the benefits of using Casablanca ceiling fans to help reduce their energy bills and Casablanca soon became the leading manufacturer in the industry. Continue reading

Hunter Ceiling Fans

For more than 120 years, the Hunter Fan Company has been the leader in the industry, pioneering advanced technologies to clean, circulate and condition the air in your home. From their very first water-driven ceiling fan designed in 1886, to today’s energy-efficient, cost-saving innovative designs, Hunter Fans have continued to be the premier choice for homeowners all over the world.

Hunter fans are handcrafted using the latest manufacturing techniques. Each fan is hand-inspected for flaws or imperfections in the finish. No fan is shipped before it’s tested to make sure there’s no wobbling or humming during operation and then each fan is signed off by the team that assembled it. The engineers, designers and manufacturing teams at the Hunter plant in Memphis, Tennessee take great pride in shipping nothing but the finest ceiling fans in the world. Continue reading

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Fan Company, established in 1996, is a division of Generation Brands Company. They specialize in trend-inspired, fashion-forward ceiling fans and have one of the most remarkable selections of unique ceiling fans in the industry.

Monte Carlo designs fans that don’t just blend into the ceiling, they each make a fashion statement and add a touch of class and sophisticated elegance to any room in your home.

While Monte Carlo fans are some of the most beautiful in the business, they’re also engineered for exceptional performance and energy efficiency. Blades are whisper-quiet and provide optimal air movement while enhancing your environment. Continue reading

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

If you’re the Do-It-Yourself type when it comes to home remodeling and repairs then you’ve probably walked right by dozens of Hampton Bay ceiling fans without even realizing it. It only makes sense that the most popular cost-effective and energy-efficient ceiling fans in the industry would be carried exclusively by Home Depot, the most popular store for DIY homeowners.

Every Home Depot store has aisles of Hampton Bay fans on display so you can see first-hand just how beautiful and functional these fans are. Manufactured exclusively for Home Depot you’ll find a wide variety of designs to compliment any décor and a huge selection of styles to suit your needs. Continue reading

Emerson Ceiling Fans

More than 110 years ago, Emerson invented the world’s first alternating current motor for ceiling fans and since then they’ve been an industry leader in innovative fan technology. In fact, they still hold patents on two primary methods of controlling fan speeds, used by fan manufacturers around the world.

Emerson’s pursuit of excellence carries on still today. They’re one of the largest producers of fan motors in the world and their motors, always on the leading edge of technology, have set the industry standard throughout the years. Continue reading

Hunter Fans and Related Products

The Hunter Fan Company has been engineering and manufacturing products for circulating, cleaning and conditioning the air in your home ever since 1886. Their innovative designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing process has made them a leader in the ceiling fan industry and they give that same attention to quality in all the products they manufacture.

Hunter’s state-of-the-art assembly line process moves at a slower pace than other manufacturers. Each of their products is hand-inspected and put through rigorous testing. Each product is then signed by the proud team that assembled it before it’s boxed up and readied for shipping. Rest assured that every Hunter product you buy is just as durable on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside. Continue reading

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

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Today’s cost-conscious Do-It-Yourself homeowner looks for more than just a cheap, simple ceiling fan and that’s where Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans come in. You want a quality product at an affordable price. You want a fan that complements the look and feel of your home. You need a Harbor Breeze fan, the fan designed for today’s do it yourself homeowner. Continue reading

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans

For more than one hundred and twenty five years people all over the world have trusted Westinghouse products for their homes and businesses. Their commitment to providing only the most reliable, highest quality products at affordable prices makes Westinghouse one of the leaders in the lighting and ceiling fan industry.

George Westinghouse was one of the most prolific inventors of his time. With over 400 patents to his name, he’s best known for his use of alternating current (AC) instead of the direct current (DC) systems preferred by Thomas Edison. Because alternating current was much safer than direct current, Westinghouse was instrumental in bringing electricity into homes across America. Continue reading