Should You Use A Humidifier In The Baby’s Room?

Warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers, vaporizers.  Which one’s right for the baby’s room? 

Or maybe a better question might be:  Should you even use a humidifier in the baby’s room?  Given the fact that they’re on every new baby gift registry, just how essential are humidifiers in the nursery? Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Humidifier

Humidifiers range in size from small, personal units you can carry in your backpack to units large enough to take care of your whole house. 

Should you use cool mist or warm?  Do you need a humidistat?  What is an air washer? 

Read on and we’ll tell you how to choose the best humidifier for your personal needs. Continue reading

Play It Cool With A Portable Misting Fan

Sometimes a fan just isn’t enough, especially if you want to play outside on a hot, muggy day.  Use a portable misting fan and no matter whether you’re playing a game of volley ball or relaxing on the deck, everyone will have cool, comfortable fun.

A portable misting fan has a stainless steel misting ring, a high-pressure pump and a powerful fan that vaporizes the water to supply a cool mist.  Combine two or more misting fans and/or portable pedestal fans to create a cooling system for larger areas. Continue reading