Multi-Layer Insulation – Corbin Harwood, Ecologix

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70% of your home’s heat is gained or lost through the attic

Our revolutionary reflective insulation helps you significantly reduce heat transfer to and from your home, improving year-round comfort while helping reduce your energy bills.

Features & Benefits:
Eliminates temperature inconsistencies in your home
Revolutionary technology developed by NASA
99% pure aluminum stops 97% of radiant heat transfer
Blocks heat from entering your home in hot months
Keeps heat from escaping your home in cold months
Can cut heating and cooling costs by up to 50%
Increases the overall comfort of your home

Strategic Outlook on Energy: Panel at the Davos World Economic Forum | Schneider Electric

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Nearly 50% of global energy is expected to be generated from wind and solar by 2050. Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire joins other industry leaders at the 2019 World Economic Forum to discuss how the future of energy be reshaped by technological, social and political shifts, the digitalization of energy systems, emerging patterns of demand and supply and shifting global energy governance models.

► With smart, connected technology, prosumers now can make more proactive and flexible decisions about their energy. With a two-way flow of power enabled by digitization, today’s energy consumers can become energy producers themselves. Learn more in an exclusive World Economic Forum Blog from Schneider Electric CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire:

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This video shows Schneider Electric CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, joining the Strategic Energy Outlook Panel Discussion at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Modular Shipping Container 4 Bedroom Prefab Home Design with Floor Plans | MODBOX 1300

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This video brings to you Modular Shipping Container 4 Bedroom Prefab Home Design with Floor Plans | MODBOX 1300. This is a 4 bedroom Shipping Container house designed using SIX 40 and 20 foot Shipping Containers. This video will highlight the design brief of the unit; 3D floor plans; full colour pictures of the Exterior and Interior design with finishes options and a cost-estimate checklist to guide you with your own container house project. We post weekly videos of Modern Homes Designed using Shipping Containers to suit any family home. Feel free to subscribe to our channel for our inspiring weekly videos on amazing design ideas and shipping container homes reviews. Modular Shipping Container 4 Bedroom Prefab Home Design with Floor Plans | MODBOX 1300. Stay tuned and enjoy the video.


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Breakthroughs in energy efficiency

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Subhasish Mitra, Stanford associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and Philip Wong, the Willard R. and Inez Kerr Bell Professor in the Stanford School of Engineering, discuss their work with carbon nanotubes and the interdisciplinary culture at Stanford. This kind of cutting-edge research is made possible by gifts to the Stanford School of Engineering.

KINDUS – PU/PIR Insulation Board Production Line

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The PU/PIR Insulation Board Production Line, which is made by KINDUS who was the first in S. Korea to success localization of the whole equipment, is manufactured based on a higher technical level all over the process throughout design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Our production system is a fully automation equipment system to produce various shapes of sandwich panels using a rigid-poly urethane foam or poly isocyanurate as a core material which is known as a top insulation in nowadays with low heat conductivity, heat reserving, anti-sweating, high strength durability and availability at construction site.

KINDUS’s poly urethane and poly isocyanurate sandwich panel production line is composed as follows;


Our continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production line is already recognized its value by exporting to European country with CE and other major sandwich panel producing companies at domestic and foreign, KINDUS, we will keep trying for development in accordance with customer’s needs for the high quality sandwich panels.

Siemens New Energy Efficient Drive Launch

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Join us on 12 February at our award winning manufacturing facility in Congleton to learn more about how the new SINAMICS G120X frequency converter technology allows you to combine automation with the power of the elements, not only improving simplicity, efficiency and durability, but also reducing your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

“I’m a Believer” Thermal Insulating Paint [LiquidKOOL Interior]

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“It saved us $100 a month on the electric bill.” -Sharon & Lacelle H.

LiquidKOOL thermal insulating paint is designed to block up to 90% of unwanted heat in the summer and acts as an insulator in the winter.

To set up a free consultation visit

Solar Panels for Townhouses: presented by Paul Kerzner

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How one townhouse owner reduced his Con Ed bill to $19.82/month for an entire townhouse! For more info:

Green Townhouse Renovations: a seminar for Townhouse Owners. “Solar Panels” presented by Paul Kerzner: Manager Of Public Affairs, Con Edison. Vandenberg, The Townhouse Experts sponsored a free seminar on Green Townhouse Renovations for townhouse owners. By popular demand, Dexter Guerrieri invited two townhouse owners as special guest speakers: Paul Gleicher, LEED-accredited Architect and author of Dreaming Green, and Paul Kerzner, Manager of Public Affairs at Con Edison. Topics covered include:
o How one townhouse owner reduced his Con Ed bill to $19.82/month for an entire townhouse.
o First steps toward a greener townhouse;
o Costs and benefits of green vs. standard renovations;
o How to go green without sacrificing your design aesthetic.