Expensive or Economical, Modern Ceiling Fans Can Make or Break the Design Element in Any Decor

Today’s ceiling fans are much more modern and stylish than they were fifty years ago. Instead of being functional additions to a room, they are now often considered contemporary design statements. Even homes with air conditioning still use ceiling fans for aesthetic purposes alone. Fans add ambiance to any room and come in such a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that they have become the finishing touches in both luxury homes and the less expensive homes. Coupled with fancy Swarovski crystals, pretty chain pullers, and gorgeous light fixtures, modern ceiling fans are both a pleasure to view and use. Continue reading

What You Should Know Before Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for A Specific Area

People have been using ceiling fans to circulate air for centuries. You’ve probably seen pictures of Ancient Egyptians waving palm fronds in the air above Cleopatra while she reclined on her ancient sun loungers. While they’ve come a long way since the days of Cleopatra, ceiling fans still have the same benefits – they circulate air, making you feel more comfortable year round.

How do ceiling fans work? Continue reading

Your Research is Important when Considering Buying Ceiling Fans for Your Home Or Office

Ceiling fans are used throughout the home and in many commercial spaces such as public venues, offices and industrial environments. Their purposes are numerous ranging from ventilating dangerous fumes in an auto body garage to cooling the baby’s room on a hot sticky summer night. Some models are installed flush with the ceiling and are covered with a plastic, glass or metal dome, such as the type used in many modern bathrooms, while others are very large heavy-duty units hanging from the roof displaying their rotating blades. Continue reading

When Redecorating Your Home, Inspire Pizzazz by Using Fashionable Ceiling Fans with Lights

There are many ways to change the appearance of different rooms in your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, hang a new color of curtains, or reupholster the chairs and sofa. Take your decorating project one step further and you can choose a lovely ceiling fan with lights to give the room extra sparkle and pizzazz. Whether you want to make the fan the focal point of the room, or you prefer to install a unit that sits subtly in the background, there are certainly plenty of designs, styles and colors from which to choose. Continue reading

Today’s Electric Fan is Neither Functional nor Drab, On the Contrary, it is Full of Personality

Today, millions of homes are built with central air conditioning as a standard feature. There are, still, however, many older homes that have no equipment to fight against common heat waves in certain parts of the country. There is also another large group of homeowners that either cannot afford to install air conditioning units or that does not feel the costs of the units are warranted, given the few days per year that they might experience hot weather. For these individuals, an electric fan may offer an excellent substitute. Continue reading

Purchasing New Ceiling Lights can be Economical, Luxurious, Trendy or Old-Fashioned

Are you buying a new home or sprucing up your existing place with renovations?

Since there is so much selection today compared to the old single-dome light fixtures, not only will you have plenty of fun choosing the proper lighting, but also, you might be overwhelmed with all the choices. In order to make the best possible selection, here are some points that you might want to think about. Continue reading