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Just mention the name, Casablanca, and it immediately brings to mind images of timeless old-word elegance, and one of the things the Casablanca Fan Company is best known for is their distinctive decorative designs. Created with an eye toward quality and an attention to detail, Casablanca fans have a legendary reputation for excellence.

The Casablanca Fan Company was created in 1974 by Burton A. Burton, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit, who quickly saw the potential for growth in the ceiling fan industry. With the nation suffering in the midst of an energy crisis, Burton used unique marketing and promotion techniques to show consumers the benefits of using Casablanca ceiling fans to help reduce their energy bills and Casablanca soon became the leading manufacturer in the industry.

Today, almost 40 years later, Casablanca Fans has that same commitment to Excellence. Each new product is hand drafted to create a unique, classic design. Then, each fan is engineered with a high attention given to even the tiniest detail.

Unlike most ceiling fan manufacturers, Casablanca Fans even designs and constructs all their own fan motors using premium components, ensuring nothing but the best quality construction.

This commitment to engineering and design excellence is what enables Casablanca to establish long lasting relationships with a world full of satisfied customers.

Traditional Designs

Casablanca’s Traditional designs are compliment today’s subtle, sophisticated interior décor elements. The traditional 3-speed, 5-blade models are available in Snow White, Gloss White and Matte Snow White. Add single- or multi-bulb light fixtures to brighten up any room. Each is Energy Star rated and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Transitional Designs

Transitional Designs have a bit more character and work well in any décor where you want to make more of a statement. 4-speed, 5-blade models are available with Espresso or Walnut blades and a chrome finish and you can easily add a multi-bulb fixture. Each is Energy Star rated and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Period Designs

Whether your style is Key Largo, Victorian, Marrakesh, Art Deco, or elegant 19th Century, you’ll find an exquisite Casablanca period design that meets your needs. Available in a wide variety of configurations include 3-, 4-, or 5-blade models with 3-, 5-, or 6 speeds. Add a single- or multi-bulb light fixture, too. Each is Energy Star rated and comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contemporary Designs

Who said ceiling fans aren’t a modern fixture? Casablanca’s Contemporary designs, the Bullet, the Isotope, the Modena and the Malibu Star, are sleek and elegant enough to compliment even the most modern décor. Available in 4-, and 5-blade designs with single- and multi-bulb fixtures, the Contemporary ceiling fans are also Energy Star rated and come with a limited Lifetime Warranty.


The Candelier is a one-of-a-kind design that simply must be seen to be appreciated. The 30-inch ring of 48 LED candles adds a warm, intimate ambience to your room. Featuring dark walnut blades with an oil rubbed bronze ring to house the candles, the Candelier simply glows with exquisite design details.

What Makes Casablanca Fans So Special?

Each Casablanca ceiling fan goes through a 5-phase design and manufacturing process before it even hits the showroom.

Phase One: Concept Development – Each design is actually hand-sketched in variety of configurations and then moved to a digital design platform where state-of-the-art Alias 3D software is used to construct a virtual product for evaluation.

Phase Two: Engineering – After the designs are approved they’re transferred to Casablanca’s Engineering Department where engineers use special software to continue fleshing out and developing the product. At this stage, the mechanical integrity of the design is tested to ensure the highest level of quality and performance.

Phase Three: Raw Materials – Next, the materials are chosen based on quality, durability and beauty. Virgin zinc is used for die-cast housings, blade holders and other structural components. Furniture grade veneers are used for the blades and hand-blown glass is used for globes and other decorative effects.

Phase Four: Finished Metal – Many of the Casablanca ceiling fans have upwards of 15 steps involved in the plating and finishing process, creating an exquisite, jewel-like finish.

Phase Five: Testing and Inspection – Finally, every component in every single fan is inspected and tested to meet strict quality control standards of form, fit and function. Then off to the showroom they go!

Casablanca Motors

Casablanca’s XLP and XLP Plus motors are the leaders in the industry for performance, power, efficiency, and reliability. They’re dynamically balanced for silent operation and the windings are made of heavy-gauge copper for quieter, cooler operation. The ball bearings have lifetime lubrication to ensure maintenance-free performance for as long as you own your fan.

Most important, because Casablanca is one of the only manufacturers in the industry to engineer their own motors they’re able to offer a lifetime warranty, backed by the highest level of service and support in the industry.

Special Features

Easy To Hang: The Hang-Tru® hanging system is a unique, patented system that allows one person to easily install any ceiling fan. The fan is supported from the ceiling, leaving both hands free to make the necessary wiring connections and the self-centering ball makes sure the fan always hangs straight.

Everything Included: Everything you need to hang and install your fan is included: lightbulbs, batteries for remotes and even an extra screwdriver.

The Blades: The blades are crafted from six layers of wood in a cross-laminated pattern then finished with two outer layers of furniture-grade wood veneer for a lifetime of elegant beauty.

The Blade Holders: The blade holders, one of the most essential components of each fan, are made of heavy-duty reinforced die-cast virgin zinc and are thoroughly tested for strength and durability.

The Motor Housing: Casablanca is the only ceiling fan manufacturer to offer a die-cast and steel motor housing construction. The bright, elegant finish remains like new for the lifetime of your fan.

The Bottom Plate: The bottom plate encloses the lower part of the motor. Comprised of solid die-cast virgin zinc, heavy-gauge deep-drawn steel and reinforced with resin, this bottom plate is one of the unique details offered by Casablanca that ensures your fan will retain its beauty as well as its quiet operation for a lifetime.

Special Control Features

While Casablanca Fans have that feel of Old World charm and elegance, they’re thoroughly modern when it comes to the special control features they offer. In fact, Casablanca was the first manufacturer to offer computerized ceiling fans and they currently set the industry standard for performance excellence.

The integrated controls offer adjustable fan speeds and direction settings, adjustable lighting levels, and some even have options for home security. Optional accessories include the Adapt-Touch® remote control and a variety of wall-mounted slide or rotary controls for both lights and fans.

Where to Buy Casablanca Products

The best way to choose a Casablanca Ceiling Fan is to visit a showroom in your area so you can experience the quality and beauty of the design first hand. Check your local lighting and furniture stores or visit the Casablanca website and use their store locator.

You’ll also find several authorized online dealers including Delmar Designs,, and You may also find a few Casablanca ceiling fans at or but be sure to verify warranty and shipping and handling information before you purchase.

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