Why I Love Running Machines (Yes This is Fan Related!)

They have inbuilt cooling fans on them.

Yes, its not just ceilings that have fans, treadmills have them as well!

I think buying a best value running machine is a really great idea. And not only for optimal fitness, either.

Here are the reasons why I think so:

  1. They have fans on them! Yes you might have guessed it I like fans. So if when I’m running I keep myself cool with a well directed fan that I am always going to love it!
  2. You can run all year round not matter how hot, or cold, or wet it is outside. So it doesn’t matter if you live somewhere really warm or really chilly you can still run in a nice comfortable indoor climate.
  3. You can get sweaty in privacy! Do you really want to go to a gym and workout in front of all those other people? Or would you rather go to a park with hundreds of people walking their dogs??? Especially if you are un-fit or over weight, using a treadmill allows you to burn calories and get fit without feel self conscious and embarrassed.
  4. If is safer and kinder for your body to run on a machine. They are designed to give you a safe running platform. There are no obstacles, no trip hazards and they have some give in them to be kind on your joints. This means that you are less likely to be injured or cause wear and tear issues as you train.
  5. They are great if you live in an urban area. It might be that your area is unsafe (especially at night) or that it is not a pleasant place to run. Either way running in your own home can be a great alternative.

Buy best value running machinesSo there you go. Five reasons why I love good value treadmills.

They are a great way to get fit and lose some excess body fat.

They are great fun and they even have built in fans to keep me cool. Seriously what more could a man ask for?

Let’s finish off with a really fun video, shall we?

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