Building your own Carbon Can filter from scratch for your cannabis plants!

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Today in this video we are going over building your own carbon filter/ air scrubber for getting rid of the smell of your indoor cannabis. Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “Building your own Carbon Can filter from scratch for your cannabis plants!

  1. I build like you do , I visualize what will fit and bam it all falls together . I plan on posting my custom kayak trolling motor mount and trailer system very soon , same type of thinking .. love it !

  2. funny stuff you sound like the guy on the tv show called the detour you might want to check on your weed it looked liked it was burnt the f up

  3. You should take those pipes and put them to good use as a stripper DJ

    "Let's bring out on the stage…Amberrrr…"

    Send me your aircheck. I can get you work in morning radio

  4. defiantly need better activated carbon. It has to be grounded or broken which the factor should do if they dont its usally cheap as shit. The carbon pulls the order out of the air, and without tiny cracks or processed carbon it wont asorb the smell.

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