Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic : The best options

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In this video we look at Building Integrated Solar Panels (BIPV) and all the options available for seamless integration of solar photo-voltaic panels in the fabric of the building.
The options are
1. Solar Roof Tiles
2. Flexible Solar Laminates
3. Roof Integrated Solar Panels
4. Solar PV Glass

Flexible solar panels are the best option for having low profile PV system on your rooftop if you use metallic roof sheets.

Transparent Solar glass is also provided by Onyx Solar and Polysolar Inc. They are not as expensive as many may believe.

Roof Integrated Solar panels also a good choice for low cost installation

6 thoughts on “Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic : The best options

  1. Great video. BIPV is ideal for new buildings when it can be integrated with a design that takes solar into account. BIPV can also work great for large electric vehicles like buses ( and trains. In cold climates at high latitudes, BIPV makes sense on walls, as there is no possible snow accumulation on walls, and snow reflect the sunlight onto the walls, especially the lower portion. Some BIPV also combine heat and power, with solar air heating or solar water heating integration. You may consider doing a video on various dual energy systems such as those of Tractile, DualSun, Grammar, Solarwall, Enerconcept and many others who offer modules that are not only more efficient that solar PV alone (some claim 50% combined efficiency) by also provide two or mpre forms of energy.

  2. 7:44 No. The disadvantage is one would be stuck with solar PV technology after paying much for it. The tech evolves pretty fast that there's significant improvement in 5-10 years.
    I don't see any value for these things unless the owner of the building despises the appearance of the PV panels and their locality requires a PV installation.

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