Play It Cool With A Portable Misting Fan

Sometimes a fan just isn’t enough, especially if you want to play outside on a hot, muggy day.  Use a portable misting fan and no matter whether you’re playing a game of volley ball or relaxing on the deck, everyone will have cool, comfortable fun.

A portable misting fan has a stainless steel misting ring, a high-pressure pump and a powerful fan that vaporizes the water to supply a cool mist.  Combine two or more misting fans and/or portable pedestal fans to create a cooling system for larger areas. Continue reading

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Con Units: They’ve Come A Long Way Baby
Remember those ugly, noisy window air conditioners your grandparents used to have? 

The ones that dripped and smelled and looked like they were harboring every germ known to man?  Well, those days are long gone. 

Today’s portable air conditioners are better built, much more effective, and much easier to maintain.  Why suffer in the sweltering heat when it’s this easy to live in cool, clean comfort. Continue reading

Portable Fans: Cost-Effective Solutions For Cool, Breezy Comfort

Portable fans have come a long way since the days when your grandmother cooled the kitchen with a tiny little table-top fan that sounded like a lawn mower on its last legs.  In fact, if you’ve been thinking about installing ceiling fans but you’re just not quite sure yet, consider portable fans, instead.  You may find they’re an even better investment. Continue reading

The Pros And Cons Of A Ceiling Fan With A Heater

When you think of ceiling fans you typically think of them as an elegant fixture that provides a cooling breeze in the Summertime, making any room feel like a little tropical paradise.  They also help to warm you in the Wintertime, pulling that warm air down from the ceiling and circulating it throughout the room.  But what about a fan with a heater?  Wouldn’t that be an even better solution to your heating problems? (More information here on the best ceiling fan brands.) Continue reading

The Difference Between Bathroom Ceiling Fans And Ventilation Fans

While we don’t typically think about installing a ceiling fan in a traditional bathroom, many of today’s modern home designs include deluxe, luxurious bathrooms that almost beg for this elegant, decorative addition.  But are they practical as well as ornamental?  Or, do you still need to install a ventilation fan?

Note – Don’t forget to check out this page with info on the best brands and ceiling fan manufacturers for the home. Continue reading

Seasonal Allergies: To Everything There Is A Season, Including Allergies

Runny nose and scratchy eyes in the Springtime?  Blame it on pollen.  Stuffy head and aches in the Summer?  It’s mold.  Coughing and itchy in the Fall?  Ragweed! 

Believe it or not you can even suffer from allergies in the Winter.  Seasonal allergies occur all year long. 

Here are some of the seasonal triggers. Continue reading