Benefits of Passive House Design explained by an eHaus Passive House Owner

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The owners of a recently built eHaus PassivHaus are enjoying all the benefits of the Passive House design especially when it comes to the comfort of the all year-round temperature inside. The temperature is between 20 -25C in every room of the house. In the middle of a cold New Zealand winter or hot humid summer, the Passive House design maintains an evenness of temperature with little to no heating or cooling required. This creates a healthy and comfortable home every day with the added bonus of huge large savings on electricity and energy bills. In some cases, up to a 90% saving. All homes designed and constructed by eHaus use the Passive House design software, assuring the house will perform, this means all eHaus’ have the same level of unparalleled comfort, health and energy efficiency no matter where in New Zealand you live.

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