Automated Machines Clean Solar Panels Without Water

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These automated robots can clean solar farms without using any water. The Ecoppia E4 has an automated system that means it is completely self-sustainable even in cloudy weather. The waterless system is also beneficial for solar farms that are located in arid climates, where solar power would be most beneficial.

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4 thoughts on “Automated Machines Clean Solar Panels Without Water

  1. Bull, it won't even be remotely close to the cheapest energy source in a decade or ever. People are sure suckered in by propaganda. the latest big utility solar pv projects in the US are $20,000k per avg delivered kw and latest NREL actual installed utility scale data puts it at $2.80 per peak watt, and $19,000 per avg kw. Almost 4X the cost of Nuscale nuclear. Avg distributed solar PV in the US, NREL numbers, is $3.35 per pk kw for 3-30kw installs. That's $22,000 per avg delivered kw.

    O&M costs for Wind & Solar are similar to nuclear.

    So as usual lying renewables fake news advocates, always try to pretend that Nuclear, Gas or Coal are the same as Wind & Solar for electricity generation. Comparing a 24/7, night/day, winter/summer, sunny/cloudy/rain/snow/hail/sandstorm/monsoon/volcanic eruption, north/south, windy/calm, desert/mountain/rainforest/Arctic reliable, dispatchable energy source that lasts 60-100yrs to an intermittent, unreliable, non-dispatchable energy source, like Wind & Solar that only last economically 8 to 25 yrs. A world of difference. With the wind and solar you still need the entire massive gas infrastructure, power plants, personnel, pipelines, fracking fields, storage, LNG terminals, military, 3-10X oversized transmission lines, ultimately all your wind & solar will do is replace a bit of gas fuel, currently worth 2 cents a kwh in the USA, while costing anywhere from 13-40 cents per kwh.

    And US federal subsidies for Wind & Solar are vastly higher than other energy sources per unit energy. Wind is 17X and Solar is 140X higher than for Nuclear, Oil & NG. And that doesn't include all the state & municipal subsidies for wind & solar. Kill the subsidies and solar & wind would die a quick death.

    And the EROI (energy return on invested) for Solar & Wind is so low that it is physically impossible for them to replace fossil fuel. In fact, solar is just a new-fangled way to burn fossil fuels, which is why Big Oil loves it so much. CANDU nuclear has an EROI of 120:1 that is the highest of ANY energy source. 300:1 for GenIV nuclear with a closed fuel cycle. !000:1 for fully mature LFTR based economy.

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