Solar Panels Installation

  • Are you think of reducing your energy consumption and saving some hard earned cash?
  • Do you need information on solar panels installation?

Having domestic or commercial solar panels installed on your home or business property is a large investment and as such should be handled with care.

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the best installation at the best price to make your money go as far as possible.

Step one – Thermal or photo-voltaic or both? Thermal panels preheat the hot water to your boiler, they are much cheaper to install but don’t save/make you as much money in return.

Photo-voltaic use the suns energy to produce electricity which can be used for you own home or business plus to sell back to the utility company to make you some cash.

If you have a good roof, with good sun and you can afford it the best option is to have both installed. If not the best option is to ask for advice from installers on the costs and the potential savings.

Step two – Word of mouth recommendations. Ask you friends, family and work colleagues if they know of any good (or indeed bad) local firms to hire or to avoid! In my opinion this is always the very best way to find a good solar panels installation firm.

Quick tip for you – If you don’t know anyone just knock on a few doors and ask people who have already had them installed if they were happy with the firm they used. You would be amazed how happy people are to help. Solar panels get people excited, either because they save money or because they are good for the environment (or both).

Step three – Shop around for prices. If you cant find a good word of mouth recommendation for your solar panel installers, then the next best bet is to shop around. I would strongly recommend you get prices from at least three but probably up to five different firms. If you let them know that you are looking around they are much more likely to put a competitive bid in.

There you go if you follow these three very simple tips you will give yourself a much better chance of getting a good installation done and just as importantly done for a good price. Good luck and please feel free to comment below with any questions.

The top manufacturers of electric fans

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Heating and Air Conditioning

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A Brief History of Electricty.

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What You Need To Know About Mounting Your Ceiling Fan

Adapters downrods, and huggers, oh my!  Who knew there were so many different terms you needed to know just to choose the right ceiling fan?

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