Arlington Arts & Crafts | To Paint or Not to Paint: 3807

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The homeowners want a unique look for their kitchen. They think a custom range hood will fill that vision. Kevin visits the shop of Ed Packard, otherwise known as the Tin Man, to find out how the range hood is coming together. The original chimney has seen better days and needed to be demo’ed. Kevin goes up on the roof to watch Mark McCullough build a new one. Nick and Emily need to make some design choices in order to move construction along. Kevin finds Emily and Jill Goldberg, the designer, in the new family room discussing options for the fireplace. They want to somehow hide the television, which will be over the fireplace. Other decisions to make are tile for the first floor powder room and whether to paint the wood panels in the living room. Up on the third floor there’s a small problem that Norm and Charlie Silva need to figure out. All the way down in the basement, both the original floor and new slab floor are being coated with a speckled epoxy.

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24 thoughts on “Arlington Arts & Crafts | To Paint or Not to Paint: 3807

  1. You buy a craftsman for the craftsman-ship. I'll never understand their reasoning to paint the woodwork.Tragic.😔.

  2. Noooooooo!!!!! Don't paint the wood!! Aaaa! I'm weeping because I'm spending hours and hours stripping gallons of white paint off the beautiful woodwork in my 1910 house.

  3. Make America Great Again! It was the tradesmen that helped make this country great not the greedy blood sucking vultures. Now when do we start testing kids in grade school and bring back the apprentice (NO Not that dopey TV show) true apprenticeships to build true Craftsmen and Craftswoman they are the people that made America GREAT.

  4. The United States was built in the back of migrants and slaves, from land stolen from native americans and the mexicans, but now slavery is no longer there and you don't want migrants, people would rather live off of food stamps and play video games all day.

  5. recessed televisions are excellent at burning out from thermal related component failure.

    I've installed an LG 65" into this guys place with what amounted to a box in the wall with no vents and I told him that's a bad idea for the TV… but you know i'm obviously peasantry so I came back no s**ting you around a week and a half later to replace the driver board and dude was quiet the entire time. LOL

    Aye 160$ in my pocket for an hours work though, so no sweat off my back.

  6. 8:55 even better LG makes a flexible TV. It rolls itself down inside its housing unit. No one would think there’s a TV inside it because to our modern perception to what a TV is you would think one could fit inside it.

  7. I did punch out work for a wile and had to finish houses,, ended up doing thing tat the wood workers ether didn't do or did do wrong,,,, made enemies in every field,,,
    Quit that job and went back to Welding for my self,,,

  8. I don't know many people who are pouring money into big additions. Many I know are down-sizing. With all of the work done in the basement, I am surprised they didn't replace those old lally columns, or just talk about them.

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