Air Scrubber for a 3D Printer Enclosure – Assembly Instructions

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The 3D models and description of this air scrubber: The design uses HEPA filters and multiple chambers of activated carbon to capture ultra fine particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

7 thoughts on “Air Scrubber for a 3D Printer Enclosure – Assembly Instructions

  1. What a design! Very nice! Would love to see how you've built your enclosure and sealed it. Would also like to know how well this whole set up is working out.

    Edit: I've just looked at your thingiverse profile and saw your enclosure and read previous comments. Very impressed!

  2. Why add dessicant? All you're doing is drying out the air you're expelling from the enclosure. I can't see how this will make the air inside the enclosure itself any dryer.

  3. Great project, thanks! I'll likely need something like this, to be allowed a desktop 3D printer in my corporate office space. It will be for my first machine (Prusa MK3), so I'm still new to this… With all the air pumping out through this scrubber and the chamber likely sealed, is there a special method for inlet air to feed the enclosure? Or simple vents are acceptable since it will always be under negative pressure when running? Thanks!

  4. Hmm…. I have doubts that this design really works. Can you prove the flow through the HEPA filters? That flap doesn't prove that.

  5. So honest question. Is it necessary to have a filter if I build and enclosure for a 3D printer? I planned on just putting a vent and/or fan in the top.

  6. Perfect! was just thinking of making an enclosure for my printer but was not sure what to do about filtering the air and this is just what I needed.

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