Air conditioning on the way for Zulma’s 1966 Mustang Coupe – Day 78 – Part 1

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Day 78 – Part 2 –
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What makes us stand out and lead in the Mustang restoration business is our transparency. We produce a video series on YouTube for every car we restore, it is a day-by-day account of the work we do on the Mustang you want to buy. You can see the progress from the day we purchase your future Mustang until the day you buy it from us.

We have clients that hire us to work on the Mustang after we sold to them and are very happy with our work you can see them on video picking them up from us. We know that says a lot about our credibility at MustangMedic.

Our viewers are accountability partners fellow MustangMedics, they comment on the work we do good and not so good. We course correct in the following video if need be. We do not take down our videos you see everything. This video series is truly a learning experience for everyone involved!

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