34 thoughts on “Air Cleaner Removal Honda NC750X 2016

  1. K&N filters are not that good these days , they do breath better ( but on the negative side let more dust in ) If you what a great filter go for a D&A – if most of your riding is Tar, but if you do some dirt I would go a Uni Filter ( but not sure if they make theses for the NC 750 X ? Otherwise I would stick with OEM.

  2. I've got an NC750S, which is slightly different, but I'm putting a K&N filter in, and putting on Oxford heated grips and Puig handlebar guards. My silly question is – how do the push pins go back in? Do they go back in the hole and you lever the centre section back up again?

  3. This seems to be a really good bike lote of great comments . But Honda dropped the ball on the air filter on this one ! That's crazy to have do all that to get to the air filter. This will keep people from checking it plus as plastic ages it will break putting on and off .

  4. I just removed the fairings on my own NC.
    What is shown in your video is the other way around.
    You are suposed to first take off the front fairing side pannels.. THEN the top panel which you remove.
    I also took out the top panel first.. Yes it is doable but you have to flex the plastic allot.

  5. I was wondering or you could answers my question.. After removal of the front panel which you take out at 1:40.. is the blinker relay accessabel?, and can you reach the front blinkers like this? I am planning on changing out my standard blinkers for LED ones.

  6. hello! may i ask you: do you connect cable on battery for easy charge, like "Optimate battery-charger"? if you do, where do you pass this cable, on the left side or the right side? (please, forgive my mistakes: i'm french 😉 )

  7. Thank you for taking the time to make the video. Looked like a daunting task but your video cleared things up for me.

  8. thank,s for this,been dreading taking off the side fairings but you have given me new confidence. cheers from ireland..dave (5vete)

  9. Thank you for the great videos. Also bought a new nc750x in June 2017. Will also post some of my adventures and videos on youtube soon. Regards from South- Africa 🙂

  10. Thank you very much from İstanbul for your great videos. Yesterday my nc750x just fell from the sidewalk on its left side. Definitly my mistake. Left peg, gear pedal and clutch lever are all severly bended. I had to level the gear pedal with a stone so i can ride it back home. I would appreciate if you can post a video about how to change all that and do the proper cleaning and greasing. I will still be following your videos even if you dont:) Best regards

  11. Thanks for the how to something to add to my to do list. The bike certainly has a lot of fiddly plastic bits and can see how the bike shop doing this how high the labour charges would end up being pretty high.

  12. Great video. But I don't like how Honda has placed the air cleaner on the NC. When I had my Honda CB 500 X, it took only 2 min. to take the filter out from under the seat. Only 4 screws.

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