( 832 ) Alcohol on acrylic paint cell effect

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Please understand that I am in no way responsible for the way you use your paint and mediums.
Be careful and use the proper materials, ask a fellow artist or manufacturer if you have doubts.
Have a fire extinguisher at hand. Install a CO2 alarm. Use good ventilation. Never burn your paint or silicone, use a full face respirator, stay safe.

Thank you , have fun and make beautiful art.

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23 thoughts on “( 832 ) Alcohol on acrylic paint cell effect

  1. I too just found Gerda Lipski. I tried her method,. I did not do a pour over it, I commend your work! now I am brave enough to attempt the combined methods, and see what comes of it. Thank you,

  2. Your cling wrap is great. Mine scrunches up even before it hits the canvas or art! :-)! Awesome technique. Love you AnneMarie and Gerda is pretty awesome also! It would be fun to see the both of you do a piece together! Thanks for your videos. Love the art and the chat.

  3. Gerda is amazing. I really like this process, very interesting how you introduced these two methods together, I really like it. ❤️

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