DIY – A great way to save money whilst doing up your home

Renovating your home can be a fun event for the whole family, or it can be a financial burden hiring professionals. Today, with so many options available to do things yourself, it is a lot cheaper to let the family participate and get the decorating exactly the way you like it. For example, the children can contribute their ideas and their finishing touches to their own bedrooms. With stickers and child-safe paint, they can create something unique and fun.  Snap some photos, and you have a nice memory for years to come. Department stores now cater to the do-it-yourself market. And best of all, DIY is a great way to save money whilst doing up your home.

Anytime you can save the labor costs on a project, you are ahead of the game. In addition to the fun element and the reward or satisfaction of finishing a home renovation job, doing it yourself is definitely a huge savings to the pocketbook. You will most likely find discounted supplies, as well. Where the professionals will seek items at top dollar, you can look for scratch-and-dents, or even discontinued patterns that will be sold a lot cheaper. Mis-tinted paints can be as much as half or two-thirds off the regular price. If you see a color that meets your fancy, why not save the money? It is the same quality as the regular priced can of paint.

Another great thing about doing your own renovation or sprucing-up projects is the fact that you can do them on your own schedule. If you don’t have the money to complete everything at once, you can budget and prioritize accordingly. To get things goings, you might decide to change things as the store sales happen. Today, you might find new curtains, for example, and then you can look for paint to match. Tomorrow, you might find the ceiling fans on sale, so you can choose something that matches your décor, whether it is contemporary or funky. You just add to the room as you buy the supplies and materials.

Plus, don’t forget thrift shops and garage sales. You can find almost-new items for literally pennies on the dollar. Professional renovators are not going to go bargain hunting for things like this. They might search around an antique shop for clients who are spending a considerable amount on their projects, but for the most part, garage sales are out of the question.

Although you may not be qualified to handle the plumbing and electricity, you can certainly do everything else yourself and then hire the electrician to get your fans, new light fixtures, or air conditioner installed. Watch for coupons in the mail, so that you can upgrade your home with central air. You might even want to splurge with your savings and order central vacuum at the same time, especially if you have lots of carpeting or pets that continually shed hair.

It really doesn’t take much money to make something old look new again. If you have a sewing machine, take some old clothing and use the fabric to make new throw pillows for the bed. Refinish an old cabinet or chair, or throw away a tired old rug and find a new bright look. Just by adding pretty light switch covers, you can change the atmosphere in the room. Dollar stores are also great places to find home décor items that do not cost too much.

Fancy up the bathroom with a new shower curtain, cute hooks, and matching soap dish. A few embroidered hand towels will keep the redecorating at a reasonable cost, while making the bathroom look fresh. If you have too much humidity in the bath and shower area, consider installing an extractor fan to prevent mold and mildew. Your fresh coat of paint will last longer, too, because the dampness will not be there to raise and chip the layers.

The outside of the home can be done up nice, as well, with a new garden, some pretty bushes, or even a homey welcome mat. If the neighbor is having his lawn sodded, order your batch at the same time, so that you can both save on expensive delivery costs. Then you can place your sod yourself.

Craft some wood shutters and paint them or decorate them with designs and add them to the front and side windows to make the house look quaint and inviting. In fact, when you rip out old supplies from your home, like your bathtub or sink, use them for planters and a little garden.

There are plenty of ways you can save money by recycling around the house. And if you make the decision to do any home projects on your own, you can undoubtedly save a considerable amount of money, both through cheaper labor costs and inexpensive materials.

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