5 Decorating Tips for Transforming ANY Space with Mr. Kate! | Home Decor | Eman

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Check out my collab with Mr.Kate on her channel for the amazing DIY brush holder we made!
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50 thoughts on “5 Decorating Tips for Transforming ANY Space with Mr. Kate! | Home Decor | Eman

  1. yeah, you show them Joey!! I had to do the same thing with my husband when we moved in together. In fact EVERY tool in this house has been originally owned by me or bought by me.

  2. Love how both spaces turned out! We had so much fun together! LOL at the screw shenanigans…oh hai Joey 😂😉 love you Eman! 💋

  3. When you were talking about how you need to know what decorating style you're going for I thought "What is my decorating style?" And the only thing I could think of was "It's an eclectic cluster-fuck!" Basically. 😂 here's and example, a side table next to a chair in my beauty room literally has a coloring book with a red and metallic gold box and a llama head lamp on it. It's just like WTF?

  4. Loveee loveee loveeeeeeee the dress you're wearing in this video! do you remember where it's from? <3 luhhhh you girl 🙂

  5. lol with you trying to use the power tool, it was cute! It turned out amazing!!! The marble is hot right, I seen on nails, pillows, etc 😻

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