3D Printed Air Purifier — gets rid of the smell of ABS and toxic VOC’s

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HOLD UP: A few people smarter than me commented and noted that this doesn’t get rid of UFP’s (ultra fine particles) This respirator cartridge has a P100 filter in it but some of the super fine particles will still get through. It still does get rid of the smell and VOC’s namely formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. There isn’t much you can do for the UFP’s except make sure your chamber is sealed and/or vent it to the outside (best way). Just thought I’d let ya know 🙂

Hey everybody! So I recently got a new 3D printer ( Prusa i3 mk3 ) and I wanted to use it in the basement so I didn’t have to walk out to the shop at 3am to start a new print for a customer. And since it’s not particularly healthy to breathe in the “fumes” that come from the molten plastic, I did a few things that likely remove them altogether!
First I made an enclosure (first major step) and in this video I designed and 3D printed an air purifier that gets rid of a bunch of that nasty stuff you might encounter when you are around a running 3D printer. And it only cost ~ $50! It’s extremely easy to print and uses easy to find and easy to replace respirator cartridges! This particular one I used is a “3M Formaldehyde Organic Vapor Cartridge/Filter 60925, P100 Respiratory Protection” which, as far as I understand, is the best type for this application. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful! Thanks for watching!

Links to files and parts:
(1x) 120mm radial blower – –
(1x) 12v wall adapter – –
(1x) 2 pack of filters – –
cheap PLA I like to use – –

(1x) part file at Thingiverse.com – –

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4 thoughts on “3D Printed Air Purifier — gets rid of the smell of ABS and toxic VOC’s

  1. Can you show us how and where you put your power supply for the printer? I have an enclosure I am building soon and am wondering if I need to move the power supply from the enclosure.

  2. nice setup – just be sure to swap those filters when u start to smell the abs again — u should change P filters after 40 hours of use or 30 days .
    and in this case with the fan drawing in so much more air then you breathing , it may need to be changed sooner ! you will def know when its time to swap it out – you will smell it again . nice setup though !! if your that nutty about the smell / toxic fumes – run a small vent outside ..

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