154. Solar Thermal 101 – how a garage suite went net-positive using solar energy

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This Calgary garage suite is net-positive in terms of its solar electricity and solar heat production. We speak to Tom Jackman of Simple Solar (simplesolar.ca) about how he used solar thermal heating and solar PV modules to produce more energy than this amazing garage suite requires. See blog, CKUA Radio story and photos:

21 thoughts on “154. Solar Thermal 101 – how a garage suite went net-positive using solar energy

  1. Be aware of the heat pipe cap, not having a vent hole, as in my early years testing my Apricus heat pipe collector, which was 100% plugged up, so no heat expansion could escape. We have some power cuts in parts of the country on one of the hottest days of the year, so when the power came back on again, the thermal shock of the cooler water imploded the inner tubes.
    We went back to re designing the positioning of the heat pipe to be off set, tight to the glass, with a fully open tube. No more implosion problems since 2003

  2. UK /Mays conservative government decided to scrap the green feed in tariff as from MARCH 2019 its going to put a lot of people out of work ,why the UK government did a big green U turn is anybodies guess !

  3. Solar technology has now moved up another step, by converting solar PV panels to PVT. PV + thermal is now a big growing market in Europe, while my own low cost hybrid combined with a water to water heat pump is now on test in Australia. Solar PV panels are now at such a low cost $0.30 a watt, so it is now cost effective to add a low cost thermal exchanger to the back of the larger panels (270-330 watt). With our PVT system combined with a thermal store, we do not need all the extra plumbing/closed loop system cost or gylcol.
    We developed the PVT +HP hybrid for the business market from Aquaponics to the food processing industry and Hospitalty industry.
    By cooling down the PV panel to its test efficiency temperature (26c, you increase PV output)

  4. I'd like to try some day an use a few of the smaller ones as awning s over my windows an heat my water an house threw the year .

  5. Why don't somebody take that Hot water-steam and use it to power a generator? Steam engine powering your generator should work in the southern areas with ease.

  6. Very unwise thermal system ,typical example of waiting money one 30 tubes collector is more than enough for that residence .Video should be titled "How to waist money"

  7. Everything was genius right until they wasted excess heat energy outside, instead of storing it in water tanks in the house. I don't get it.

  8. Solar PV calculations Lets see yours. For Calgary area about 1200kWh/kw of solar panels per year power earned.

    A 5kW system therefore about 6000kWh/yr paid at what rate? at 10c/kWh that would be $600/yr. Solar PV installs for about $3.50/watt now, 5000watt system x $3.50/watt = $17,500. Borrowed at 3.5% over 25 years (life expectancy of a solar panel) is About $1100 per year, to make $600? Payback….never. Unless Alberta grants start happening. Didn't work anywhere else. google "german solar failure" or Ontario solar failure". don't waste public money on solar in Canada, when it becomes viable we will all know it. Grants and subsidies don't make things affordable it just changes who pays.

  9. Epic Roofing & Exteriors was a big part of the cladding and Standing Seam roof system. Congratulation's to both Tom and Cor!

  10. I remember when this guy was making videos of collecting aluminium cans and buildings these by hand. Glad to see he has advanced and is successful.

  11. The thermal system is great for making hot water. While the PV electrical system is great too, it would be silly to then use that electricity to make hot water. So having both systems is a great idea !

  12. This is literally the best thing I saw all month.

    And it's silly how this all works together. I just bought two Gosun stoves this summer and the second I saw the heating system, I instantly had a vague idea on how the heating system would work. All these genius ideas bleed into one another that could really help us all.

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