Without Stool, Bench and Without Ladder-How To Clean Dusty Ceiling Fan in 57 Seconds

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If you want to know how to clean ceiling fans, we’re going to equip you with a few easy methods to get rid of the dust with ease. Not only will that keep them clean, they’ll work more efficiently and keep your home cooler too.

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30 thoughts on “Without Stool, Bench and Without Ladder-How To Clean Dusty Ceiling Fan in 57 Seconds

  1. Pls don't use the word females.. so derogatory.. say women. Tell the dimensions and measurement of the pipes needed please

  2. Ok…useful tips… we can clean only the wings of the fan. BUT What about cleaning the main centre point of the fan and the top ceiling cup. So you have to use either the stool or the ladder right…that too with the help of cleaning cloth.

  3. 1L orT joint . you ask in shop + pvc pipe rate in meters+that duster. +brown tapecalculate it and see. you can buy a new ceiling fan cleaner in shop. (work strain)

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