Science behind Air Purification & Air purifiers – How do air purifiers work – Science and Technology

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How Inverters Work – Working principle

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How inverters work. In this video we take a look at how an inverter works to convert direct current (DC) into Alternating current (AC). Inverters are used increasingly throughout industry as well as building services HVAC systems to achieve precise control of AC induction motors connected to AHU fans, compressors pumps etc. Inverters are also used within photovoltaic arrays to provide AC power for use in homes and buildings. In this video we start at the basics to understand the difference between AC and DC power and then look at a simplified example before moving onto an advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) example to see how the load experiences and AC supply from a DC source by converting the direct current into a sine wave.

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The Optyma™ Plus INVERTER combines market leading expertise in condensing unit design with the unique benefits of stepless inverter scroll technology. The result is 25% higher energy efficiency in an adaptive package, for medium and high temperature refrigeration applications in the range of 2kW to 9kW with R407A, R407F, and R404A.

Inverter information ➡️

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How does it work a demand controlled ventilation system (DCV) for homes and buildings?

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Do you know all the benefits that a demand controlled ventilation system can provide to your installation? In this video we explain you the operation of DCV, a system perfect to guarantee an optimal ventilation at houses and buildings, achieving important energy savings.

The use of DCV systems with fans and air exhausters Soler & Palau guarantees an efficient ventilation thanks to presence detectors, ambient probes and pressure change detector, which allow different rooms to be ventilated according to the demand of each moment.

Soler & Palau DCV systems guarantee the buildings energy efficiency in buildings and combined with S&P fans guarantee a low sound level. For these system they are an ideal solution for the ventilation of houses, and the ventilation of hospitals, offices, schools, hotels or shopping centers.

At our product catalogue you could find a wide range of demand controlled ventilation, for you to choose, at any time, the best ventilation solution for your installation.

For more information about Soler & Palau and our products, you can visit our site:

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Best Sponge Filter Setup? How Sponge Filters Work

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– These sponge filters are the best! Take my word for it and let me known in 3 months how they’re working for you 🤠

Hydro Sponge Filter:

I love aquarium sponge filters because they’re super effective and don’t consume a lot of electricity (like other filters). The hydro series is the best I’ve found.

So what i would have done was removed the fish into 100% clean water not even bothered with water change on that toxicity. But in lots of bubbles to counteract shock and some salt and antibiotic. I spent many years doing kokos goldfish forum 911 it takes awhile. Some things have the same look but tou have to know the cause.

Yes. That’s why first aid kit. So general stuff. A gram neg med, a gram pls med, general must haves, that sorta stuff. Which is why I wanna discuss it either tonight or tomorrow when I’m free. Hey in depth about it. Just read it all. Been working on our sub zero fridge. It deep froze all our refrigerator and the repair guyncame and had to take it All apart. Darn mother board. Have to do it again next week.

Any way, also aeromonas commonly over takes. Gary educated me about that. Most of the bad bacteria will manifest as either aeromonas or pseudomonas. All the drugs you suggested combat them.

The person added a pleco to the tank on the 7th, never compensated for a new fish with increased water changes and was only doing 30%, on the 12th redness started spreading on the ranchu…yesterday she did a water change, woke up and found the pleco dead and the fish like that. Sponge filter types.

its where the PH lowers ammonia is less toxic, you finally do a water change, re-up the PH and the excess ammonia immediately turns more toxic, then the pleco died, dumping even more ammonia in.

I contacted the person and got a time line of what happened and posted a walk through of how it happened. It happened over night, that is straight up a major water PH system crash, the pleco died the ifsh she said was shedding slime coat no body damage, the redness had been creeping on the fish sine the 7th.

The key to diagnosing this was the fish didnt look like this at all other than the nitrate septic redness…she did a water change, which should have made things better and the next day the fish looked like its slime coat was shedding off and its fins were degraded. Over night.

and the pleco had died, long enough out it wa covered in slime she said, so we know for darn sure it wasnt the pleco because the fish didnt look like this yesterday and the pleco was dead. im sorry if im boring I feel I need to explain the whys of things so people can actually apply what I am talking about.

So when PH is hard aka alkaline ammonia is less toxic, but ammonia itself is acidic which will drop your ph, along with it just seems neglected tanks experience PH drops which is why people who do large water changes after leavingtheir tanks sit, drive their fish into shock. Best sponge filter types.

Sometimes it can bring on a good discussion with options like the lady with the big comet off craigs list. But then at the same time we had issues because people started making threats. But it was beneficial. I have some pure white long finned ones i have no intention of breeding and i have a lady that wants every single one and im so torn.

I just realized from taking photos this morning of my tropical tank, I need to stop hating my Ramshorn snails-first time ever all my plants are not covered with algae the glass is clean also…no other major changes to the tank except for all of the snails. the Christmas moss and Liverwort are the newest about 2 years ago, that is when the Ghost shrimp population exploded from like 5 to 40 or more.

I’ll agree with that sometimes. In this case, it could have worked because the screen shots were from instagram. I don’t, however, think someone should ever be allowed to SS from GFK and post it with blacked out names. I feel like that’s pushing the bullying issue a bit. A better response would be for them to handle it on that thread so no one feels singled out. Blacked out names on SS from other groups or insta, to make an actual point should be ok…. as long as it’s not a “free for all bash session”.


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Wrapping up #vlogmas Week 1 with a Vehicle Vlog. I have been enjoying my #GraceEleyae #slapcap! It is truly “luxury hair protection for the modern woman”!

– Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier



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