How to Insulate Outlet Plugs on Walls : DIY Electrical Work

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Insulating outlet plugs on walls is something that is especially useful during the cold winter months of the year. Insulate outlet plugs on walls with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: You always want to be as careful as possible when performing electrical repairs in your home. Find out about electrical repairs you can do on your own with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.

review of why cellulose fibre dose not work in this roof – comfort zone can fix this home

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Comfort Zone has been insulating houses in Queensland Australia since 1988. So if you have a question or would like a quote for insulation post your comments, Subscribe or email me for a quote on [email protected] I am happy to help.

We insulate all kinds of roofs but as you can see from our videos we highly recommend cellulose fibre insulation but we can supply Polyester batts in situation like under floors.

We do all kinds of roofs
Raked Roofs
Exposed Beam
A frame or snow roof
in ceiling walls
Flat roof
Wrap over
Super 6 or Fibro roof or asbestos roof
Walls internal and external

We insulate for sound, heat and cold and even to stop mould forming on your ceiling.

Roof insulation quotes supplied normally within 48 hours and without any need for a site inspection in Australia because we can measure your home with online tool and email you a fixed price and very detailed quote. Just fill in our online web form and let us make your home a Comfort Zone.

visit our web site

find us on facebook www.facebook/insulationteam
Remember to like us on facebook and comment on our videos if you have any questions.

Cooling Queensland down one home at a time

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Inverex vm iii 5.2kw Mppt Solar Inverter Work Without Battery

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Aoa Dosto, Main Hoon Tahir Aur Aap Dekh Rahe Hai Mera Youtube Channel dgk7.
Gee Dosto Aaj Hum Baat Karen Ge Inverex Axpert Vm iii 5.2kw mppt solar inverter Ke Jis Ke sath 395Watts Wali 6 Solar Panels Lage howe Hai . Inverex vm3 5.2kw Witout Battery Kaam Karen Ga.

How To Connect Mobile Bluetooth With Inverex Vm3.

inverex axpert vm iii 3.2kw Mppt solar inverter setting | Watch Power Software For Inverter.

Solar panels series And parallel Setting Video.

Product Description:
1st time in Pakistan MPPT solar charge controller removable LCD control module with various communications. Battery equalization, 3rd Generation smart and intelligent solar inverter. Integrated Bluetooth interface with the android app. It can work without a battery, compatible with (Li lon, LiFePo4 and etc) batteries with BMS. It has a feature of easy replacement of fans, data logging, and storage function. Energy prioritization according to the timer.

Model: 5.2kw vm 3
Brand: inverex
One year: warranty
Bluetooth available
With Battery and without battery Work option available
5200watts Output load.

Features of Axpert 5.2 KW VM III Solar Inverter

Removable LCD control module with various communications
Integrated Bluetooth interface with Android App
Support USB On-the-Go function
Replaceable fan design
Reserved communication port (RS-485, CAN-BUS or RS-232) for BMS
Battery management system BMS Supported Li PO4, Li Ion Battery
Battery equalization extends life-cycle
Battery in-dependency (can work without battery)
Energy prioritization according to the timer
User-friendly LCD operation

Specification of Axpert 5.2 KW VM iii Solar Inverter

Rated power 5200 watt
Input Voltage 230 VAC
Selectable Voltage 170-280 VAC for Personal Computer
Selectable Voltage 80-280 VAC for Home Appliances
Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz (Auto Sensing)
AC output in Battery Mode 230VAC
Surge Power 10400VA
90 – 93 % Peak efficiency
10 ms transfer time
48 VDC battery voltage
54 VDC floating Charging Voltage
Overcharging Protection 63v
MPPT Solar charger Type
PV Arrary MPPT Voltage 120 To 450VDC
Max Pv Array Short Circuit 500VDC
Battery Voltage : 48VDC
solar power Maximum 4000Watts
Maximum Solar charger current 80A
Maximum AC charger current 60A
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C

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DIY Solar Powered Work Cart – My favorite new tool!

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To learn more about the Inergy Kodiak please follow this link: Be sure to use the code “Reality Survival” at checkout to save almost $300! This is one bad ass tool! perfect for homesteaders or bug out locations or even just people with small hobby farms or ranches! Also great for camping with the family as well!

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Proper Guide on How Solar Panels Work

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In this video, you will learn how #solar panels work with the step by step information.

1. Collecting Sunlight
2. Inverters Convert Solar Power to Usable Electricity (DC into AC)
3. Inverters Convert Solar Power to Usable Electricity (DC into AC)
4. Excess Electricity Send to Grid

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Nissan high roof van conversion for work and play!

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A customer came to me with the Nissan Nv2500 High Roof van with a specific floor plan and build in mind, and this is what we came up with. He wanted most of his electronics up near the front for more room in the back for his motorcycles and video gear for work. His wanted to have a place for his fridge, winch, battery, control panel, electronics panel, and make it able to walk through to the cab. Sine the space over the wheel wells is almost always wasted and not used to its full potential I incorporated some boxes for storage with hinged tops to access easily. I think it came out really clean for everything he wants to do with it.

Here are links to certain items used in this build that you see in the video:
Fridge/Freezer (Dometic 61 liter):
Auxiliary Battery (VMAX Marine Deep Cycle 100ah):
Marine Outlet Plug (ParkPower 15 Amp):
Battery Charger (Noco Genius G15000):
12v Panel (Cig Plug, USB, Voltmeter):
Battery Percent Meter:
Inverter (1000w Pure Sine Wave):
Fuse Block (6 Circuit with LED and Cover):
Grounding Block (100A Bus Bar):
Insulation (Reflectix 40sq ft ):
Sound Deadner (50ml thick 50sq ft):
Spray Adhesive I use for the carpeting:


I have moved my operation to the Sunshine Coast region of Australia. I am in the process right now of getting my shop and tools setup. Please email me [email protected] to get on a list and when the shop is ready I’ll be back in business!

Cheers, Brian

How diodes, LEDs and solar panels work

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The first 200 people to sign up at will get 20% off an annual subscription that gives you access to the full archive of Daily Problems and every single course.

Part 1 demonstration video is here:

Photovoltaic cells and LEDs are both made of diodes. Diodes are designed to allow electricity to flow in one direction only but the way we make them (out of semiconductors) means that can absorb and emit light.

Buy nerdy maths things:

How Humidifiers Work (featuring SS390DWHT)

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This evaporative humidifier from AIRCARE is sure to compliment any decor. It has an easy front-fill tank with a large holding capacity for an extended runtime. This humidifier works to add invisible moisture to your environment by moving dry air through a saturated wick filter. #howto #aircare #humidifier

For more information, please visit

Unboxing and all process to work / Penguin air Humidifier

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Hello guies, aaj ke is video me humne unboxing ki hai ek humidifier ki jo ki hume Amazon se mila hai…

Penguing humidifer part 2 comming soo..

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