IKK Sverige. Montage av ventilation till restaurangskola i Stockholm. 2019

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IKK Sverige AB intransport av ventilationsaggregat till restaurangskola i Stockholm. Aggregatet vägde totalt fem ton uppdelat på fem delar. Lyftet skedde med stor mobilkran och avståndet från kranen till hålet i taket var över 50m.
Väl på plats gällde det att forsla de fem delarna där den tyngsta vägde två ton till sina korrekta positioner.
Montaget av de fem delarna gick smidigt och när allt sedan var uppkopplat och färdigt fungerade aggregatet som det var tänkt.

Tack för media-ansvar till Jeppman

W6 Chapter 23 Diseases of Ventilation and Gas Exchange

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Table of Contents:

00:11 – Causes of Respiratory Failure
03:01 – Hypoxemia
06:08 – Hypercapnia
08:08 – Disorders of Lung Inflation
10:26 – Pneumothorax
13:07 – Open versus Tension Pneumothorax
13:12 – Obstructive Airway Disorders
14:33 – Extrinsic (Atopic) Asthma
19:38 – Intrinsic (Nonatopic) Asthma
20:05 – Airway Obstruction in Asthma
20:17 – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders
21:33 – Mechanisms of COPD
22:15 – Emphysema (Pink Puffer)
23:20 –
23:59 – Chronic Bronchitis (Blue Bloater)
25:33 – Pink Puffers vs. Blue Bloaters
29:21 – Cystic Fibrosis
32:07 – Pathogenesis of Cystic Fibrosis
32:14 – Disorders of Pulmonary Circulation
32:32 – Pulmonary Embolism
34:07 – Pulmonary Edema
37:10 – Cor Pulmonale
37:43 – Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Cascade Tunnel Operations (HD)

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This video highlights daily operations at the East Portal of the 7.8 mile long Cascade Tunnel located in Byrne, WA, near the Stevens Pass Ski Area. This tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the western US and is used by Amtrak and freight trains. This tunnel replaced the Old Cascade Tunnel after the Wellington Disaster of March 1st 1910 and has an interesting history.

home ventilation system, Positive pressure ventilation, Auckland NZ

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www.SAYR.co.nz Home ventilation systems by SAYR New Zealand, based in Auckland. Positively ventilate your home to make it drier and healthier for your family along with being more ecologically correct and more efficient. Use free Solar energy from Mother Nature to keep your home fresh and healthy, use a SAYR home ventilation system. Sales outlets in both Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Positive Pressure ventilation systems are used in many countries around the world to reduce condensation and mould (mold) levels which in turn reduces many symptoms for people who suffer from allergies and asthma related conditions.

A home that is either damp or humid is both harder and more expensive to heat and cool, as you are heating or cooling both the air and the moisture in the air. When a room is damp and then heated you are likely to be making that room more humid therefore producing ideal conditions for mold (mould) to grow along with ideal conditions for dust mites to breed and some viruses and possibly bacteria to multiply.

For many years we have ‘ventilated’ our house’s by opening and closing windows as need be. We have found that when we really need to ‘ventilate’ it is either too cold and damp or too hot and humid outside to be of any real benefit as controlling the best air flow for the home has been difficult. This is more of a problem these days most household members are at school or out working for most of the day and for security reasons we do not want to leave our windows open.

A well controlled home ventilation system helps to continually condition our homes while we are both at home and at work, the ventilation system does this by bringing in air that is not only often drier and warmer but also fresher than the air that is inside our home. As we live in our homes (which are far more sealed than they used to be) we manufacture stale air, carbon dioxide, produse moisture (in many ways) and then wonder why our homes become sticky, clamby, uncomfortable more expensive to heat and cool, then our families sucome to sniffles, the flu that seems to keep recuring and we spend more time off work.

We then install dehumidifiers and heat pumps to keep dry and warm but in most cases these do not introduce fresh air into our homes and in some cases can actually make things worse depending on how they are used. We as humans need fresh and reasonably dry air (around 50% R/H would be ideal) to be healthy and stop our homes from being damaged and cost us more money to maintain.

Installing a suitable SAYR home ventilation system will reduce or even totally remove many of these problems that we are seing today in many homes around the Globe, have a look at the website www.sayr.co.nz