Project #25 – Tank Replacement in Steam Humidifier

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In this video I replace the water tank in my Honeywell whole-home steam humidifier. A steam humidifier like mine can provide humidification directly into your home HVAC system, making the air in your home more comfortable during the dry winter months.

Every few of years, the electrodes in the steam tank wear out and the tank has to be replaced.

Car Air Purifier, Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Aromatherapy, How to get rid from car odor

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Usb Charger For Car Also Provides You Relief From Cold And Flu Symptoms. Know How to get rid from odor of car.
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By Adding Moisture To Air In The Immediate Area. It Fits For Standard Car Charger Interface, Which Could Compatible For The Most Vehicles. It Can Increase Humidity Of Air, Reduce Dust And Bacteria. It Is A Must Product With You If You Own A Car, Buy It Today Only!

Fixing a Vicks Steam Humidifier – EASY and Satisfying!

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Fixing or cleaning a humidifier is easier than you might think. First, some have sensors that keep them from going on until there’s water present. If they’re clogged with scale from hard water, the water wont go where it needs to. You’ve got to clean it out! And if you’re like me, by the time you get around to it, vinegar wont help at all… you need TOOLS!
Bit Kit – IF you don’t have one of these, I really recommend it. It’s got all the really oddball bits that you may only need once in your life, but for that one time, it’s worth the (inexpensive) price you’ll pay for the kit.
File Set – You really should have good files. For this project, and for lots of others…here’s a good kit I recommend:
If all else fails, you can just get a new humidifier… cheaper than getting tools to fix the old one, but where’s the fun in that?
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Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier First Look Overview Anti Mold Ultrasonic Steam Vaporizer

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Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Anypro 3.5L Anti-mold Air Humidifiers with Super Quiet Operation, Automatic Shut-off, and Variable Night Lights

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Product Description:

Allow Anypro to keep the air moisturized with our 3.5L cool mist humidifier. This compact and powerful humidifier is applied with smart features that provides perfect coverage in dry areas of your home and office, which effectively humidify the air in rooms up to 538 sq ft (50m²)

From ANYPRO, A Customer Orientated Enterprise
• 99% positive feedback for customer service
• This product is backed with 365 days warranty so your satisfactory is guaranteed. Email us at [email protected] if you need any help.

Smart Humidification Technology
Ultrasonic humidifier typically runs 20 to 36 hours of continuous operation (depending on mist control setting)

Adjustable Humidity Control
Adjust vapor output to level you want with the dial knob control. Humidify anywhere you desire with the 360 degrees adjustable mist spray.

Leakage & Crush Resistance
The deep groove base design is featured in preventing easy leakage which is also tested for crushing resistance

Antibacterial Material
Antibacterial material is used inside water tank and the base to suppress mold growth. Good tap water or distilled water works perfect for better anti-mold effect.

Variable Night Lights
Choose light from 6 soft colors to enhance your mood: red, purple, blue, green, yellow , pink.

For Optimal Use:
• Distilled water or good tap water works perfect for anti-mold effect. We recommend cleaning once a week for better maintenance
• Please align the center of “Anypro” LOGO and Power indicator in a straight line for easily reseat.


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Steam Cleaning a Car’s Air Conditioning Vents with the McCulloch MC-1375

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Have you seen this neat trick yet? You can steam clean your car’s air conditioning vents with the McCulloch MC-1375 Canister Steam System! This is a great way to get rid of any odors lying in your car’s air conditioning system.

If you’re an auto detailer your customer’s will love this! It really gives them a great sense of having a EXTRA clean car. You can completely detail any car with the MC-1375. Whether it’s cleaning glass or removing stains, it can do the job!

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How does an electrode steam humidifier work? | Humidification Made Simple

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How does an electrode steam humidifier work?

An electrode steam humidifier is an isothermal humidifier which makes use of water’s electrical conductivity properties.

It comes equipped with a filling unit for humidification water, a steam cylinder to generate steam and a control unit which regulates the humidification process or makes it possible for this process to be networked with the central building control system. It also has an outlet connection through which steam can be emitted to an air conditioning system or directly to the room through a ventilation unit.

The steam cylinder filled with water has heating electrodes which are energized. Because of the electrical resistance in the cylinder water, the water becomes heated and is finally vaporized. The limescale deposits which form during the vaporization process require that the cylinder be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

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