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Call Us: 949-829-4252 Auto Repairs in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA. We are a Female, Family, and Kid Friendly Auto Shop. $25 Off first visit. Lake Forest Auto Repair is a full AAA service repair facility providing service and repairs on Domestic and Foreign vehicles including:

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Smog Inspections and service

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From Seoul to Bangkok, unhealthy smog hits Asian cities

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Heavy smog shrouded a wide area of Asia in late January 2019, with health-threatening levels of pollution reported in India, South Korea, Thailand and China.

People in Seoul were urged to avoid outdoor activities as the South Korean capital experienced its worst air pollution in years.

In the Thai capital Bangkok, officials handed out face masks and sprayed water in an attempt to cleanse the air.

Devotees at the Hindu festival of Kumbh in northern India were choking on air particulate levels six times the level considered safe by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Hong Kong hopes to control the problem in one busy traffic area with a new air-purification system. Among the world’s largest filters, the device designed to remove at least 80 per cent of air pollutants is set to go into service on January 20 as part of a new road bypass.

China builds ‘World’s Biggest Air Purifier Tower’ to tackle smog problem

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A city in Northern China has built the world’s biggest air purifier in a bid to reduce smog levels. Measuring 100m / 328ft high, the tower looks like a huge concrete cylinder.
This tower is located China’s Shaanxi province in the city of Xian. The city built the tower is an effort to decrease air pollution levels.

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Beijing smog: Chinese capital turns to ventilation corridors to help with ‘Smogpocalypse’ – TomoNews

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BEIJING — China’s capital city is planning ventilation corridors to tackle the country’s air pollution.

Densely populated cities tend to generate more energy and waste heat. This results in a much warmer urban environment than in surrounding rural areas, according to National Geographic.

Xinhua reports that Beijing saw its worst smog spell from November to December of 2015, blocking views across the city and prompting authorities to issue a red alert warning. Measures to curb pollution have led to air quality improving only marginally, with 186 days of ‘up to par’ air quality in 2015, up 14 days from 172 in 2014, Xinhua reported, citing data from the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

To reduce smog, the capital is planning to build ventilation corridors. These are designed to relieve a city’s heat and pollution by improving urban wind flow.

The corridors will be created by connecting parks, rivers, lakes, highways and small building blocks. Five primary corridors — over 500 meters wide — will run from the northern suburbs to the south. Secondary corridors, measuring more than 80 meters, are also planned. The corridors will reportedly allow northern winds to blow through Beijing during severe winter smog spells.


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China Build World Tallest Air Purifier | To Control Smog

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In the northwestern Chinese city of Xi’an, the government has built a 328-foot-tall air purifier to help combat air pollution in the area. The project’s lead researcher, Cao Junji, said that since it began operating, the tower has produced more than 353 cubic feet of clean air a day and that air quality for nearly four square miles around the tower has noticeably improved.

Rendering Via Global Construction Review
The cylindrical white tower is only one part of what’s being claimed as the world’s largest air purification system. At the tower’s base, there is also a large network of greenhouses. Polluted air is brought into these glass rooms where it’s heated by trapped solar energy. The hot air naturally rises, moving upwards through the tower’s many sets of cleaning filters.

Run by the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the tower and its effects are being closely monitored. More than a dozen sensors are being used to track pollution levels, with the air purifier reducing the amount of the most dangerous particulates by 15 percent during heavy pollution. Researchers have already begun planning a 1,640-foot-tall version capable of cleaning the air for a small city.

Around the globe, air pollution is the single biggest health risk to city-dwellers. This massive air purifier system is China’s latest effort in curbing its smog problem. The city of Beijing recently announced a plan to replace 67,000 gas-fueled taxis with electric ones, and has previously worked with the Dutch designer Dan Roosegarde on a 23-foot-tall smog-sucking tower as well as air-purifying bikes.

Via: GCR, South China Morning Post

Largest Air Purifier Sucks Up Smog And Turns It Into Gem Stones – BTF

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Behold The Future…SMOG FREE MOVER – We’ll keep you updated on the construction of the world’s first Smog Free Tower and its impact!

We humans have created machines to enhance ourselves, we invented the wheel and cars to liberate ourselves and travel. But now these machines are striking back, making air extremely polluted in high-density cities. In some cities, this pollution is visible. In others, air pollutants and smog may be invisible, but the impact on our daily lives and health is very real. We believe we should do more, not less, and make modern cities livable again.

This is why we are building the Smog Free Tower, the largest air-purifier in the world. The Smog Free Tower creates smog free air zones in the largest and most polluted cities around the world. The Smog Free tower allows people to breathe and experience what clean air in a city really means. In this project we combine high-tech science, design and imagination, and we can only create it with you!

The aim of this project is to make smog more tangible to people and to reduce waste. So what do we do with the smog we accumulate? By compressing the filtered smog particles, we can create awesome and unique jewelry. Each Smog Free Cube literally contains the smog out of 1000 cubic meters of air! It’s a beautiful way of carrying the message of this project with you and perceiving the tangible environmental impact you’ve made by supporting this project.

The Smog Free Tower is the first step of the Smog Free Movement: our dream of a clean future in which people work together to stop pollution. We believe that the Smog Free Tower provides a unique opportunity to get people to understand the issue of air pollution through direct experience. The bubble of clean air that the Smog Free Tower generates will be a place that brings people together to work and think about how we can free our cities of smog. Let’s kick start the Smog Free Movement and build the Smog Free Tower together!

This campaign is to fund the first pilot of the Tower in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The tower will travel around the world, from city to city. From Beijing to Paris. From Los Angeles to Mexico City. The tower lets citizens experience the value of breathing clean air. The Smog Free Tower is the first step in working together to free cities permanently of smog. Together we can fight air pollution.

In areas affected by severe air pollution, the Smog Free Tower will harvest enough smog to produce over 3500 Smog Free Cubes per day. A total of 1 million Smog Free Cubes will be made to support the message of The Smog Free Movement. The Smog Free Cubes are first of all developed to make sure the Smog Free Tower produces no waste. All the smog we collect, is processed into a Smog Free Cube and turned into an exclusive piece of jewelry. The Smog Free Movement stands for a better and cleaner future we can create together. The Smog Free Cubes are the building blocks of that future.


Daan Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower opens in Rotterdam